Consumer Reports: iPhones Are “No Match” for Motorola’s DROID Lineup

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According to the newest Consumer Reports article filed concerning smartphones, the site’s editors have been very impressed with Apple’s newest iPhone offerings, but they are still “no match” to Motorola’s fresh lineup of DROID devices on Verizon. While they were impressed with a working fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S, and were happy with iOS 7’s addition of Command Center, overall battery life and “smallish screens” are the reasons that Apple’s flagships fall to the ULTRA, MAXX, and DROID Mini on Verizon.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S4 is Consumer Reports’ Top Rated Smartphone

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After months of remaining on the top of Consumer Reports’ list of best rated smartphones, the LG Optimus G has been dethroned. Taking its place is the Samsung Galaxy S4 (our review), not the HTC One or white Nexus 4 LTE with 32GB of storage (couldn’t help myself, since it doesn’t exist but the media wants it to). Thanks to the “oodles” gesture and sensor-based tools, along with the “excellent” 5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, and its multi-tasking abilities,  the GS4 garnered a score of 81, which tops the Optimus G and One with scores of 79. The Galaxy S3 remains in third place with a score of 78, while the iPhone 5 rounds out the top 5 with a score of 77.  (more…)

Consumer Reports Puts Verizon in First Place, AT&T Bringing Up The Rear

The latest Consumer Reports are out and as far as mobile networks go, Verizon is rated in front of the rest of the pack. Verizon scored near the top for voice and data quality which is to be expected with Verizon’s mostly reliable network. The Reports also gave Verizon props “for support attributes like staff knowledge and resolution of issues.” Verizon didn’t win every category though.  (more…)

For The Second Year In A Row, Verizon Tops Consumer Reports Satisfaction Survey

Besides their incredible line up of smartphones and tablets, the big reason we are all on Verizon is the pure power of their network. Rarely are calls dropped, coverage is wide-spread and their 4G LTE network is blazing fast. Consumer Reports polled over 66,000 of its members on their service and customer-support experience with both standard and no-contract providers. For the second year in a row Big Red has polled the highest, with AT&T sitting at the bottom of the results. Nipping at Verizon’s heals is the nations third largest carrier, Sprint, with T-Mobile coming in third.

Survey respondents gave Verizon very good scores for both texting and data service satisfaction, as well as staff knowledge. As a Verizon customer for nearly the past 10 years, I could not be happier. The service has done nothing but expand, unfortunately so have the prices – then again you get what you pay for. Three cheers for Verizon, hip-hip-hooray.

Via: ConsumerReports