Say It Ain’t So: Deutsche Telekom Wants to Sell T-Mobile to Comcast (Updated)

As a T-Mobile customer, try to think about the worst thing that could ever happen to the company you pay each month for wireless service? Oh, come on, that’s easy – the worst company on Earth could buy T-Mobile. And that’s the news today, according German outlet Manager Magazin. Sources suggest that Deutsche Telekom, the company that owns T-Mobile US, wants Comcast to buy T-Mobile. Ugh. UGH.  (more…)

Placeholder: For All of the Laughable Statements That Will Soon be Released by ISPs in Response to Tom Wheeler’s Proposal

Now that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has made his open internet, net neutrality proposal public, we thought we should create a placeholder or gathering ground for all of the laughable responses that will undoubtedly arrive from our favorite ISPs, both wired and wireless, over the next few hours.

Check back for the latest!  (more…)

WatchESPN App on Android Finally Adds Comcast Support

When ESPN first launched their WatchESPN app on Android, I’ll admit that I was excited. As a Comcast customer though, that excited quickly turned into, “Oh sure, no love for Comcast customers. Why should I be surprised at that?” Now, more than a year later, Comcast and ESPN have finally come to some agreement to allow Comcast customers to take advantage of streaming ESPN content on the go. Thanks, guys! (In the most sarcastic of ways.)   (more…)

Xfinity TV Player Updated for Jelly Bean and Nexus 7 Support, UI Revamp On the Way

Users of the XFINITY TV Player application that own a device running Jelly Bean may have noticed video playback left something to be desired, but things have now changed. Thanks to a recent update, Comcast has opened up beta support for Jelly Bean devices and Nexus 7 tablets, along with some other fixes.

On top of all of this, the company has stated that owners of the Nexus 7 can expect to see a UI refresh that suits the 7″ display much better. No timeline on that, but we’ll keep  our ears open.

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Comcast Releases XFINITY TV Player on Android, Watch Thousands of ON Demand Shows From Anywhere

Over the last year or so, Comcast released a couple of XFINITY apps that were nothing more than glorified TV guides or DVR managers. The one feature that would have actually made them useful on a regular basis, ON Demand streaming, was left out. That is until today. Comcast pushed the XFINITY TV Player app to the Play store, giving customers access to all of their favorite shows from anywhere in the world. It works over WiFi or a data connection, and does it flawlessly. I fired up the app for a few minutes and was watching old Eastbound & Down videos within seconds. Thanks, Comcast.

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Comcast Launching Movie and TV Streaming Service Called Streampix, Headed to Android Devices Later This Year

Comcast announced today a new video streaming service that will launch this Thursday, called Streampix. It’s essentially like Netflix or any other streaming movie and TV show service with a fee, only it can be bundled with your existing Comcast service (if you have Triple Play) or added on for an additional $4.99 fee to those that are unbundled. For now, Streampix appears to only be available from within a browser or on TV, but they have plans to launch separate Xbox360 and Android apps within the year.

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