Android Series 3 “Nexus” Collectible Comes With Its Own Mini Nexus, How Cute

Andrew Bell continues to share the new Series 3 Android Collectibles over at the Dyzplastic blog, with today’s being the “Nexus” collectible. With its smokey dark translucent body, you can apparently get optimal play by placing him next to a light source. Oh, he also comes equipped with his own mini-Nexus phone that you can see in his right hand.

Still no exact date for release, but I can’t wait to see the rest.  (more…)

Android Series 3 Collectibles Almost Ready for Retailers, Here is a 360-Degree Preview of 8-Ball Hustler

The Series 3 Android Collectibles have seen their share of delays, but during those periods, improvements were made that should help this be the best set yet (Ball-jointed arms, anyone?). We have good news, though! According to the series’ makers, shipments of the final product will be arriving in California today, and will then cruise through customs on their way to distribution. Once that has happened, they will ship out to retailers and hopefully onto your doorsteps a few days later. It could be another couple of weeks depending on long it takes to get through customs, but we are almost there!

Series 3 Android Mini Collectibles Arriving “Late July”

At the end of July, assuming there are no setbacks, we will all have a chance to get our hands on the latest in Android collectibles. According to a blog post over at Dyzplastic, Series 3 is almost done and ready to be manufactured in mass. They had initially hoped to release these in Q2, but with some design changes to improve the series, Andrew Bell and the team wanted to make sure you knew that it’ll be another couple of weeks.

As you can tell from the picture above of the Kronk Ape, this leaked “sneak peak” that made it to retailers in February was on point. Also, you can see the owl in the background, even with the blur.

Excited? I certainly am.

Via:  Dyzplastic

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First Batch of Chinese New Year Android Collectibles Sell Out in Minutes, Next Set Available at 11PM EST

Dead Zebra put their latest themed set of Android collectibles up for sale early this morning and as expected, sold out in minutes. The 3 traditional Chinese New Year minis are some of their finest yet, with more detail than you’ll find in some action figures. As a collector, this is a set that you should do whatever it takes to obtain. If you missed this morning’s sale, you have another chance tonight at 11PM EST.


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Special Toy Soldier Android Mini-collectible Goes on Sale Tomorrow

Android mini-collectibles make great stocking stuffers, in case you were lacking some ideas this year. If you don’t believe me, look no further than this special edition Toy Soldier version that will go on sale tomorrow morning at 11AM EST for the holidays. Cute, isn’t he? The quantities will likely be limited as usual, so jump on into the Dead Zebra shop as soon as you can tomorrow morning to start hammering F5. You are allowed to buy two per address.   (more…)

Villain-Hero Android Mini Collectibles Will Go On Sale August 1

The special edition Heroes/Villains Android Mini Collectibles that were unveiled and then given out at Comic-Con last week will go on sale to the public August 1.  There is no telling just how many will be made available, but as you may recall from past sales, they will likely be sold out within minutes.  It’s a set of 4 collectibles – two villains and two heroes that would be a more-than-welcomed addition to all of our collections.

More info here and here.

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