Custom Theme Monday: RZ Blue NRG By RaidZero

Paul, aka “RaidZero” is a good friend and we are always on top of his work. Lately, he has been dabbling into the dark arts of Android theme making, and so far, we are loving it. His first creation for the masses is entitled RZ Blue NRG, and it is a serious contender against all the other themes out there. With hints of honeycomb, and some insanely cool glowing icons and menus, it is the theme to carry you into the next year. If you are on CM7, or have a ROM which allows for the Theme Manager, check this out.  (more…)

CM7 Nightlies Go Live For The DROIDX

If anyone was excited for the official release, then you should be just as excited for the release of CyanogenMod7 nightlies for the DROIDX. Anyone experiencing problems with the first build, should be reassured that all those bugs will get hammered out in some of these nightly builds. And even better is the fact that @cvpcs, the developer responsible for all this, has been amazingly kind and wrote out exactly what to expect from these builds. You can always grab nightlies on your DX from the CyanogenMod official site, or if you have Rom Manager Premium installed on your device – check there first.

In order to see the nightlies in RM you’ll need to do the following:

1.  Open RM Premium and hit the “Flash ClockworkMod” button.
2.  When prompted, choose the “Droid X (2nd-init) recovery.”
3.  Once that flashes, you’ll be able to view nightlies under “DownloadROM.”

So how excited are we all for this? Time to start squashing bugs.

Via:  @cvpcs