Video: Koush Teases Full Touch-Enabled Clockwork Recovery


No, this isn’t the touch-based Clockwork Recovery that was created for the Galaxy Nexus at the beginning of the month. This is a fully touch-enabled version that no longer uses arrows or physical buttons to get the job done. Our man Koush released a teaser on G+ to get some feedback and to show the progress that he has made. You can’t test it yet and he has promised a better UI, so try to be patient.

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Download Touch-Based ClockworkMod Recovery For Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Updated)


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Receiving so much love.  Feels good, right?  The newest feature we are going to boast about is a touch enabled version of ClockworkMod Recovery which is available for the Galaxy Nexus.  It is still in Alpha (Beta now), but is completely usable and available for download.  (more…)

DROID RAZR Receives ClockworkMod Recovery Via Bootstrap

While I’m not interested in getting into the dev drama that appears to have surrounded this situation, I did want to point out that there has been a bootstrap app for the DROID RAZR since November, but for whatever reason, slipped through the cracks and almost no one saw it (maybe because most of you were renting it?). XDA member nitroglycerine33 created the fully working app that will flash ClockworkMod Recovery onto your device. Backups and restores appear to be fully working, so if rooting and then tweaking and potentially flashing ROMs is in your RAZR future, you will want to jump on this.

I should point out though, that to my knowledge, there is not any form of system file that will save you should your run into soft-bricking types of issues. So if you proceed, understand the risks involved here.

Via:  XDA, Phandroid

Koush Launches DeskSMS, Send Text Messages Using Gmail and Google Talk

Our buddy Koush released his latest app creation yesterday called DesktopSMS.  It’s a simple app that allows you to have your phone’s text (SMS) messages forwarded to your Google Talk and Gmail accounts.  Once received, you can respond directly through either service to continue the conversation with your texting pal.  All you need to do is install the app, login with one of your Google accounts, and then decide how you want to receive your texts.  It’s definitely a beta, so he’s looking for early adopters to jump on it and provide feedback.

I recommend going with the GTalk method if you want your responses to be sent at a faster pace.

I should point out that it appears to lack Google Voice integration.  Not sure if it would even be possible to include that though, but I have asked Koush for his thoughts on it and will report back.

Market Link  (FREE)

DROIDX2 Bootstrap Released, Clockwork Recovery is Go

Before we get into this, we need to make it clear that this DROIDX2 bootstrap app was found in a random Chinese forum, so we definitely aren’t recommending that you jump all over this.  With that said, we’ve been following the thread for this topic over at XDA throughout the last day to see if anyone has actually had the guts to use it, and apparently they have – and it works.

The file was originally built for the Atrix 4G, but can work on the DX2 with no problems.  Users are claiming to have backed up and restored their stock ROMs, plus some have even flashed a ROM that was discovered along with the bootstrap app.  We have video from a friend below, but again, let’s all be careful with this one.    (more…)

LG Revolution Gets The ClockworkMod Recovery Treatment

The developers over at RootzWiki just aren’t slowing down, and have now released ClockworkMod for the LG Revolution stating that the device is “very open”, paving the way for more people to create and customize to their liking. Maybe we’re seeing CM7 in the near future just like the DROIDX? The stock recovery was a story in and of itself – Being practically inaccessible, it’s a good thing they got this taken care of, before people gave up hope on another device. The recovery is still being worked out and they’re making sure it’s safe for flashing, but if you want to learn more about CWM on the Revolution then be sure to check out the original post on Rootzwiki and see if there’s anything you can do to help.

Cheers Tristan and DRod!