Chrome Stable for Android Gets Quicker Checkouts, Touch to Search

Yesterday afternoon, Chrome stable for Android received an update to version 43.0.2357.78 that gave it a couple of features previously featured in the beta channel. Thanks to the update, users can now “quickly and securely” complete checkout forms with help from Google Wallet, plus they can perform Google searches of words or phrases just by touching them.  (more…)

Google’s Password Alert Helps Protect Your Google Password From Phishing Scams

Did you know that 2% of messages sent to Gmail accounts are attempts at tricking you into giving up your Google password? Not only that, but according to Google, 45% of the time, they work! So out of every 100 emails that roll through your Gmail inbox, 2 of them are phishing scams, and 1 of the 2 might get you to give up your password. Think about that for a second. That’s bad. Really bad.  (more…)

Google Launches Chrome Dev to Google Play, Live on the Bleeding Edge

Another version of Chrome has hit Google Play this afternoon, Chrome Dev. Much like Chrome Beta, which is still available at the time of this writing, the app’s description states “Live on the bleeding edge: Try out our latest features.”

So, if the Chrome Beta was not already buggy enough for you, Chrome Dev will allow you to have the latest features from Google ahead of anyone else, bugs and all.  (more…)

Chrome 42 Stable Arrives for Android, Brings Site Notifications

Back in March, Chrome Beta received an update to version 42 that introduced site notifications, as well as an easier way to add your favorite sites to your home screen. That update is now available for the stable version of Chrome.

I wish I could tell you exactly how site notifications work, but I have yet to encounter a website that offers them. Have any of you run into a situation where a website offered you notifications? If so, I’d love to hear about how they work.  (more…)

Chrome 41 Comes to Android With Pull-to-Reload, Chrome Beta 42 Adds Site Notifications

The Chrome team is “exhilarated” and “delighted” today to announce updates for its Chrome apps for Android.

Chrome stable received the bump to version 41, which includes pull-to-reload from the top of most websites. Trust me when I say that this is one of those features you will soon not be able to live without. If you have used pull-to-reload at all in the beta builds, you know what I mean.  (more…)