Report: Google Already Working on Touchscreen Chromebooks to be Sold This Year

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Update:  Google announced the Chromebook Pixel this afternoon, making their first touchscreen Chromebook official.

Remember the video that surfaced at the beginning of February that was said to be Google’s new touchscreen Chromebook called the Pixel? You know, the concept promo clip that was later debunked as being mostly garbage, and a publicity ploy from someone looking for internet attention? Let’s just say that while that video may not be real, a touchscreen device running Chrome OS certainly does make sense, especially with Microsoft fully attacking the touchscreen laptop market with Windows 8. According to a report out of the Wall Street Journal, Google has already begun developing a touchscreen solution for Chrome OS that will be made available some time later this year.  (more…)

Google Chrome Pixel Concept Video Leaked, Gives Us Glimpse of a Beautiful Future

Chrome Pixel

Today, there is some potentially exciting “news” about Google and Chromebooks. Without diving too far into the back story, let’s talk about the actual video and then we will discuss how it came to be leaked to the Internet. In this video, a narrator (that we wish was Morgan Freeman), discusses pixels and their importance to anything image-related. Now, imagine a Chromebook that featured a touchscreen display with a resolution of 2560 x 1700. Too good to be true, right? Maybe or maybe, not. No one has been able to confirm if this is real or not.  (more…)

Google and HP Team Up for New Chromebook, Dubbed the HP Pavilion 14

HP Chromebook

We have a new Chromebook to add to the family tree this morning. Teaming with HP, Google announced the HP Pavilion 14, starting at $329.99. The device features a 14″ 1366 x 768 HD display, is powered by a 1.1GHz Intel Celeron 847 processor, offers of 2GB of DDR3 RAM, and gets up to four hours and fifteen minutes of battery life.

If you are into or want to get started with the Chrome OS, you can pick up one of these starting today right from HP’s site.


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Google Planning to Launch 12.85″ Touchscreen Chromebook Next Year?

Google has rebooted their Chromebook series within the past few months with two new models for us to get our hands on, but rumor has it that they aren’t stopping there. According to DigiTimes, there is evidence pointing towards a new 12.85″ Chromebook coming out next year that will feature a screen that is touch sensitive. This all brings back memories of the Chrome OS tablet that was supposedly going to be launched, but Google seems to have found a better idea.  (more…)

Google Intros New Acer C7 Chromebook, Priced at an Extremely Low $199

Moments ago, Google unveiled their newest partnership with Acer to introduce the all new Acer C7 Chromebook. Having a new Chromebook is awesome, but what’s even more insane is the price tag. Priced at just $199, the device sports a 11.6″ display, capable of up to 3.5 hours of battery life. Sure, you’ll need to bring your charger with you everywhere you go, but that is still pretty great for those who are in the market for an ultra-portable computing device.

The C7 goes on sale starting tomorrow directly on Google Play and at Best Buy.

So, $199 for a Chromebook that stays alive for 3.5 hours. Picking one up?

Acer C7 Landing Page

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Google Announces the “New” Chromebook, $250 Price Tag Might Give it Second Life

Google’s Chrome OS and Chromebook have had a bumpy life so far, but their latest announcement today might increase sales in the right direction. Samsung and Google have gotten together for another Chromebook, but kept the price to a low $250. The 11.6″ laptop is only .8″ thick and has a 6.5-hour battery life. A dual-core Samsung Exynos processor powers the device which can muster up 1080p playback as well.  (more…)

Google Announces Next Step for the Chrome OS, the Samsung Chromebox

Today, Google unveiled the next generation of Chrome OS-based devices they have built with their partner Samsung. The new 550 series of Chromebooks are faster and built with portability in mind, while on the other hand, the Chromebox is exactly what a wired-in Chrome-lover would use as a permanent fixture either at the home or office. With Google’s new Chrome UI, accessing the web, applications/games , and Drive files has never been easier.  (more…)