Google Announces the “New” Chromebook, $250 Price Tag Might Give it Second Life

Google’s Chrome OS and Chromebook have had a bumpy life so far, but their latest announcement today might increase sales in the right direction. Samsung and Google have gotten together for another Chromebook, but kept the price to a low $250. The 11.6″ laptop is only .8″ thick and has a 6.5-hour battery life. A dual-core Samsung Exynos processor powers the device which can muster up 1080p playback as well.  (more…)

Google Announces Next Step for the Chrome OS, the Samsung Chromebox

Today, Google unveiled the next generation of Chrome OS-based devices they have built with their partner Samsung. The new 550 series of Chromebooks are faster and built with portability in mind, while on the other hand, the Chromebox is exactly what a wired-in Chrome-lover would use as a permanent fixture either at the home or office. With Google’s new Chrome UI, accessing the web, applications/games , and Drive files has never been easier.  (more…)

Making the Lapdock Useful [Opinion]

One of the most interesting yet useless accessories to the Droid Bionic is the lapdock. When I first saw it at CES I thought it had some potential even though I was astounded that it came with Firefox instead of Chrome. As the reviews came out and I finally spent some time with it, it became obvious that it was hardly useful between the half-baked OS and the horrible mouse and keyboard. That said, I do think that Motorola had a great idea with a bad implementation.

As phones become more powerful and limitations are breached, we’ll still have the issue of trying to do something on a small screen that works better on a larger screen. Motorola’s lapdock and desktop adapter are both trying to give users other form factors to interact with their content on their phones. The problem is, I don’t think Motorola really understands what problem they’re trying to solve (if any).  (more…)