Chameleon Inches Closer to Beta, Shows Off Cleaner and Speedier UI


We are only a few weeks away from the beta of Chameleon arriving in the Play Store for those that pre-ordered. In an update released by the Chameleon team today, we get a look at an “almost beta” version of their tablet home replacement software, which probably closely resembles what we’ll see when it is released.

The UI has been cleaned up and performance has been greatly improved. One of the comments we have seen quite regularly when posting about this software, has to do with the lag when doing almost anything. If you take a look at this new video, you will see one of the more polished versions yet with much less lag.

Chameleon Beta Arriving “Beginning of August” for Those That Pre-ordered

Backers of Chameleon, the Android tablet home replacement app, mark “beginning of August” on your calendars. Announced today through the Chameleon blog over at Kickstarter, a beta version will be made available in the coming weeks to all those that pre-ordered the app. It will be published through the Play Store, which we are assuming means there will be some sort of login process in order to activate it. Otherwise, it would be a free-for-all and defeat the purpose of it being a beta.

We have written about this app countless times, so this early arrival of a beta is greatly welcomed.

Via:  Kickstarter

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Video: Chameleon Launcher Up and Running on Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean


The popular, yet still to be released, Android launcher called Chameleon is shown off on a Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean. With that Tegra 3 chip inside, it’s running smooth and beautifully which makes the wait for release even more unbearable. No date has been given yet on launch, but you can pre-order the skin from their official website for $10.

Release the darn app already.

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Chameleon Launches New Kickstarter, Hopefully This One Works Out

Chameleon, the home replacement solution for tablets that was all the rage back in mid-May, has relaunched today through Kickstarter after running into a funding situation the first time around. According to its creators, one of their team members, who had initially setup the Amazon funding solution through Kickstarter, left the team which caused them to have to close the original project. Since the backing and funding process through Kickstarter involves credit card information, setting up a new project and simply transferring everyone’s backing amount was not an option. Hopefully that made sense.

What you need to know, is that this new Kickstarter page is live and you can head on over and back it today if you’d like. They still expect to have it ready for backers by the end of August.

Via:  Kickstarter

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Chameleon Gives an Update Via Kickstarter, Shows Off Widgets and Smooth Layout

Chameleon has taken to the ever-present Kickstarter to get their project up and running, and has another update with how things are coming along to whet our appetites. These are the guys behind the Blackberry Playbook’s UI and they are taking a different spin on Android tablets and their interfaces. Their latest video shows off the selection of their widgets across their easily dividable interface. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds can be added and moved around very easily, and look good while doing it. The project is still pretty far away from their goal on Kickstarter, but you can get the application itself for as low as $5, or more if you’re looking to donate to the project.  (more…)

Chameleon For Android Tablets Isn’t New, But You Can Back It on Kickstarter and Get It Early

A newish tablet UI called Chameleon, that we first reported back in mid-March, is now seeking backers via Kickstarter. The tablet UI was once just a side project, but after receiving enough feedback during their initial preview, they decided to make it come to life, hence the need for funding.

If you are not familiar with Chameleon, think of it as a living set of tablet screens. It can adjust based on data connection, location, time of day, etc. But rather than just being a blank slate of emptiness (aka normal Android tablets), it can be customized using live tiles with weather, Twitter, photos, Gmail, calendars, and more. Using gestures, you can swipe around to activate functions, flip home screens or launch into your app drawer. It really is quite the interesting take on a tablet UI, and one that we fully support as a team that tends to get bored with the stock Android tablet experience.

So, why the Kickstarter? Again, they need to funding to make it happen. If you support them, they will give you early access to it before being published to the Google Play store. It will cost you $5 to get in on that, but if previous UI overhauls are any indication on price, this thing could sell for much more.  (more…)

Chameleon for Android, the Next Step in the Evolution of Tablet Homescreens

When we come across these projects that haven’t yet made it to the public, we sometimes begin to hold our breath. Other UI concepts have been created that had the Android community pumped up, only to be bought out and never see the light of day. Let us hope that does not happen to this newest concept, Chameleon for Android. From the same folks who designed the BlackBerry Playbooks’s UI, comes a “launcher” or interface that looks to come straight out of the future.   (more…)