Quick Look: Huawei MediaPad M2 10

Huawei announced the MediaPad M2 10 yesterday, so we stopped by their booth here at CES to spend a bit of time with it. It should arrive in the US during Q1 as a WiFi-only unit priced near $349, though Huawei tells us the pricing information we saw yesterday could change before launch.

As a recap the MediaPad M2 10 sports a 10-inch 1920×1200 IPS LCD display, 2GHz Kirin 930 octa-core processor, 2GB or 3GB RAM depending on the model, 16GB or 64GB storage depending on the model, microSD slot, 13MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, 6660mAh battery, and a body that is just 7.35mm thick.  (more…)

Huawei’s Honor 5X is an All-Metal Steal at $199

Huawei’s offshoot or e-brand, honor, announced the honor 5X last night to end press day at CES. The phone, even as one from a slightly lesser known brand, is well worth a look if you are in need of a new phone and have a strict budget.

At just $199, with availability hitting Amazon and Newegg today (shipping on January 31), you can’t really go wrong here it doesn’t seem.  (more…)

Sony’s 2016 CES Press Event Starts at 5PM, Watch It Here!

Sony is hosting just about the last of the CES Press Day events and the whole show kicks off right now (5PM Pacific). We, honestly, have no expectations for this event, but there could be a sprinkling of mobile here and there.

We’ll see TVs and maybe some new Walkman or audio products and a camera or two and maybe even a tablet or phone. OK, the tablet and phone seem unlikely, but you just never know. Maybe some VR?

Whatever they show, you can watch its unveiling at the live stream below.  (more…)

HTC Details Vive Pre, 2nd Gen Developer Edition Model With Front-Facing Camera

This week at CES, HTC introduced the 2nd generation developer edition of the Vive VR system, the Vive Pre. With an upgraded design, more suited for comfort while wearing, as well as a front-facing camera, HTC will be seeding an additional 7,000 units to developers to help bolster its ecosystem before the product’s launch in April of 2016.  (more…)

Samsung Announces Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Gear S2 Classic Models

Moments before Samsung took the stage at CES for its 2016 press day event, the Korean electronics company announced new variants of its Gear S2 Classic watch line. In February, you will be able to buy the Gear S2 Classic with either an 18K rose gold or platinum case.

Samsung didn’t announce pricing, but I’d imagine with those kinds of metals, they’ll be significantly more expensive than the $350 you currently pay for the regular Classic.

Again, the new Gear S2 Classic options launch in February.  (more…)

Samsung’s 2016 CES Press Event Starts at 2PM, Watch It Here!

Press day at 2016 CES is far from over, with Samsung up next on the big stage. Their live event kicks off at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern) if you are interested in the goods that this Korean giant has to show off for the coming year.

Like with LG’s event, we aren’t live blogging this because we don’t expect there to be much in terms of Android products. While we love a good fridge with a giant display on it, auto-opening doors, TV’s designed by goofy-haired artists, and ridiculously fancy washers and dryers, those aren’t exactly what we are known for covering.

So, sit back and enjoy the live stream that we have included above along with us.