UpTo Calendar Gets Fancy New Widgets, Interface Sprucing, and Improved Date Pickers

Upto Calendar, one of our staff favorites for calendar alternatives on Android, received an update today that introduces all new widgets. These widgets can be customized by color theme, visible calendars, size, opacity, and more. The update also brought with it a spruced up interface, so that you can quickly toggle between agenda or day views. There are updated date and time pickers, as well, that look much more like Google’s.  (more…)

Sunrise Calendar Gets Apps – Works With SongKick, Evernote, and Other Services

Sunrise, a popular iOS calendar app that made its way to Android (and the web) a few weeks back, received a solid update today that features support for other apps. Those apps include SongKick, Evernote, Github, Asana, and Tripit, so that you can add concerts directly into your calendar, receive reminders, synchronize travel plans, and see changes in real-time to projects.

Other apps will be introduced in the feature.

The update is live on Google Play.  (more…)

Sunrise Calendar Available for Android, Brings 3-Day View and Sleek Widget

When it comes to calendar apps for Android, there are plenty to choose from on Google Play. It is easy to rely on the official Google Calendar or the one of many calendar apps that come pre-installed on any given device, but they are never all that good. Sure, they do their job, but are never all that extensive with regard to special information. Third party calendar applications allow for so much more, and the newest one to hit Google Play, called Sunrise Calendar, is worth a look.  (more…)

UpTo Calendar Receives Major Multi-layered Update on Android

UpTo Calendar received a major update on Android today, bringing it inline with its iOS counterpart and taking it from Android widget to full-blown calendar app with multiple layers. We have had the pleasure of testing the new app for a couple of weeks now and can emphatically say that this calendar app is awesome.

First, you have the UI that is both beautiful and functional. There is the Android-inspired hamburger menu to the left that can be reached with a swipe, a scrollable calendar list with moving day indicator as you move up and down your list of appointments. You can change to daily, weekly, monthly, or Agenda views, check your inbox for calendar requests, and of course, quickly add new calendar items. But these are all just your regular calendar fixins’, what else can UpTo do?  (more…)

Developer of Today Calendar Widgets Releases “Today” Minimal Calendar App

If you are one of the few people out there who cannot live with the bland look of the Calendar in stock Android, but cannot bring yourself to leave the high level of functionality, Today is a calendar app for you. Despite being derived from the same base as the stock Calendar, the developer touts the app as a “truly beautiful app,” given the UI overhaul he has given to it. (more…)

Report: Google’s Project Hera to Feature UI Redesigns, Better Cross-platform Multi-tasking

Rumors and reports are flying around the Android community this week, surrounding a new piece of work from Google, reportedly titled Project Hera. Giving credence to the speculation are various screenshots which have been taken from various testing devices, showing off an updated look for both Gmail and Calendar.

Not only will Google look to revamp the look of these two applications, but the company will apparently attempt to bring a uniformed aesthetic to all major Google applications system wide.  (more…)

Google Calendar Bug Could Lead to Awkward Situations (Updated)

A new bug is popping up in Google Calendar – one which you will likely never find yourself or it could potentially lead to a few embarrassing moments, depending on what type of calendar events you are creating. Recently, when a Calendar user created an event through the desktop app which was to remind themselves to ask their boss for a pay raise, they placed their boss’ email address in the subject line. Without prompting the user, the Calendar app went ahead and placed the event on their boss’ calendar as well, which more than likely led to an awkward moment for the employer and employee.  (more…)

Google Allowing Users to Download a Copy of Gmail and Google Calendar Data

Security is a top priority for many people these days, and for most of us, Google is at the center of most of our services. Google introduced a Takeout service almost a year ago that allowed Google users to take all of their info with them if they ever decided to move to a different service. Starting today, Gmail and Calendar data will soon be specifically available for download for all Google users who choose to leave.  (more…)