Borderlands Developer Gearbox Releases “Loot the World” App for Android, Scan QR Codes for In-Game Loot

If you know me, then you know that I love the Borderlands series made by Gearbox Software. And if you love Borderlands, I know that you love loot as much as I do. A modern day dungeon crawler that replaces axes and swords for guns and more guns, Borderlands literally has millions of guns that can be created in the game. Looting becomes a lifestyle, and with this new Loot the World app, you can bring that looting mentality to the real world too.  (more…)

Borderlands 2 And Demolition Inc. Shown Off On Tegra 3, Coming To A Tablet Near You

You guys know my stance on seeing console games coming to mobile devices, but this information today has me at least a little excited. Borderlands, one of my favorite games ever, had its sequel announced as coming to Tegra 3 devices recently. The makers of the game, Gearbox and NVIDIA invited many people to PDXLAN 19 and many were expecting to see a next-gen GPU and most came away disappointed when all they were shown was two games. I’m obviously not one of those that was disappointed.  (more…)