RUUs for Both the HTC Vigor and Bliss on Verizon Leak

Last week, the media file (wallpapers, ringtones, etc.) was pulled from an HTC Vigor RUU and given to the Android community to enjoy.  This weekend thanks to JoelZ9614 and Football, the full RUU for it (Rezound?) and the HTC Rhyme (Bliss) leaked which means Sense 3.5 ROMs from these devices will be here in no time.  Both files are well over 400MB, so if you want them, prepare to wait a while as the download links below are surely getting hammered at this very moment.

Download:  Bliss | Vigor

If you aren’t familiar with unpacking RUUs, hang tight, and someone will complete the task before long.

XDA:  Bliss | Vigor

Cheers Smokeey and suprafreak1000!

HTC Rhyme in Plum Available for Pre-order at Target September 21, Illuminating Charm Included

The HTC Rhyme (formerly known as the Bliss) will be available for pre-order at indirect Target outlets this Wednesday, September 21.  The device, which is clearly being targeted at women, will come in “plum” instead of that awful chewed-seaweed green that we once saw it in.  It will have the fancy little charm dangly thingy so that you will know when your phone is ringing or has just received a message while in your purse.  There will be “tangle free” headphones tossed in and a new-school docking station that we have not seen for any other HTC device in the past.

Update:  We initially thought this would just go out to indirect Verizon stores, but after seeing the sign-up page go live just minutes ago, we are now thinking this will be a much bigger release.

The specs won’t blow you away, but aren’t awful:  3.7″ display, front and rear cameras, and Android 2.3. Pre-orders will begin on Wednesday the 21st for $50 and there is a better-than-average chance of announcement for the phone at tomorrow’s HTC event in NYC.  The colors of the press invitation certainly would lead us to believe it’s going down.   (more…)

HTC Bliss and Runnymede Sense 3.5 ROMs Ported to DROID Incredible 1 and 2


Two of HTC’s newest phones – the Bass (Runnymede) and Rhyme (Bliss) – have been fondled for long enough by the Android developer community to release ROM ports from each.  Since both of these unreleased phones run HTC Sense 3.5 (full walk-through), owners of the original Incredible or Incredible 2 get to be some of the first to give it a spin.  The Runnymede Sense 3.5 is the newest and truest to form, but the Bliss builds will likely have a lot less bugs since devs have had more time with them.

Links to each thread can be found below.   (more…)

Yes Folks, the HTC Bliss is the HTC Rhyme.

The press shots for the HTC Rhyme have been spotted by HTC Inside, confirming reports we had last week that this and the HTC Bliss are the same exact phone.  While this version may not be chewed-wheatgrass green, there is still a chance that we could see the phone in that color when it lands here in the states.  Although, even as a phone geared towards women, I’m not sure they should stray too far from what we are seeing pictured above.

We first saw the Rhyme appear on a Verizon MAP list a few weeks back followed by a list of specs that confirm the “charm indicator” accessory, a single-core processor, and dual-cameras.  It’s no HTC Vigor, but it will be running HTC Sense 3.5 and have enough goodies to get plenty of on-the-go jobs done.  Another solid HTC build.

Via:  HTC Inside, This is my next

Full HTC Bliss Specs Revealed, Charm Indicator For the Girls in the Building

The HTC Bliss has been featured in the rumor mill for months now as one of the first Android devices developed specifically for the female crowd.  With its odd green exterior and the possibility of a female-friendly set of apps pre-loaded, it’s an interesting idea, but one that just turned whacky thanks to a look at its accessory list.  Anyone interested in a “charm indicator”?  According to the This is my next crew, this charm indicator will act as an attachment to the phone that can light up during incoming calls or texts.  The point being, that if the device is in a purse, murse or other bag, this charm indicator could hang outside to let you know when your phone is receiving some action.  Kind of a cool idea…time or bust out a fanny pack.   (more…)

HTC Sense 3.5 Makes Pictorial Debut, Could Run on Older Phones?

Remember yesterday how I said the HTC Bliss would have a new version of Sense? And it’s been upgraded to 3.5? Well did more digging into the Bliss and put together some screenshots of what they think is pretty close to the new interface.

The problem with Sense 3.0 is that HTC slapped a hardware requirement on it (must have dual-core) and said sorry about your luck to anyone that didn’t meet that mark. Apparently they are backtracking on this and says that older models of HTC phones should be able to run this updated UI.  3.5 will still use the ring style unlocking system that 3.0 did but it will most likely show more notifications for weather and messages than it did before. The Sense widgets have been updated as well as you can see pictured above. The weather widget covers almost the whole screen now, down to the two new buttons at the bottom, of for applications and one for the phone.  (more…)

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HTC Bliss Shows Up in New Photo Spread

Pictured above, clear as day is the HTC Bliss, the phone that is reported to be all about the ladies. Situated on the left, the Bliss is next to the Desire S for a size comparison. From what we can tell it’s looking to be a 3.4 or 3.7 inch screen with an 800 MHz processor packed into the phone. It’ll run on Verizon’s bands but also pack a 900 MHz GSM band as well, since Verizon loves to do global phones these days. According to the thread this phone will run Android 2.3 and Sense 3.5 and will have features that many other Sense phones do not have. Interesting.

But what makes this a phone for the ladies? It’s hard to tell from the top down pictures, but the bottom lip of the Bliss has a olive green tint to it almost and there are also rumors of the phone will light up on the outside whenever there is a notification. At this point it remains to be seen how HTC promotes this phone, maybe we’ll hear a little bit about it September 1?   (more…)

HTC Bliss Spotted At FCC, Heading To Verizon

Verizon looks to be scooping up the HTC Bliss, model number PI46110, as it just passed through the FCC rocking CDMA 850MHz/1900MHz bands. HTC’s Bliss is being tagged as a “Women Only” smartphone, so it looks like we have the second coming of the DROID Eris maybe (kidding!)? The phone might also hold worldwide capabilities as well, with a GSM 900MHz radio inside, so it is definitely nothing to scoff at.

Thanks to Verizon’s leaked Road Map, we should be seeing the HTC Bliss around September 29th, and it will sport Gingerbread. Any ladies or gents out there that might be picking this up?

Via: Engadget