Blackberry Priv Unboxing and Tour!

Oh, hey, physical keyboard lovers. We have a special treat for you today in the form of the Blackberry Priv. What’s that? There aren’t any real keyboard lovers left, only those who once thought they loved physical keyboards before realizing that on-screen keyboards were better but now are trying to re-convince themselves that maybe, just maybe, a physical keyboard made by Blackberry that is attached to mostly stock Android could be a winner? Yeah, well, this is for you!  (more…)

Verizon Confirms It Will Carry Blackberry Priv “Soon”

The Blackberry Priv arrived today at AT&T as some sort of short-term exclusive because US carriers are the worst and still think anyone gives a sh*t about their exclusives. Sorry, AT&T, but no one is going to flock to your services because you have the Blackberry Priv or the Galaxy S6 Active or some Windows Phone garbage a few weeks ahead of everyone else. Whatever.  (more…)

Blackberry Priv and HTC One A9 Now Available in the US

Just got paid and need to blow all that cash on a new smartphone? Today would be a decent day, as we have two devices available worth at least a few minutes of your time. On one hand, we have the Blackberry Priv, which is the first Android-powered phone from the Canadian keyboard aficionado. On the other, you have HTC’s One A9, which is actually a pretty great phone, aside from the fact that it looks like an iPhone 6.  (more…)

Choo Choo: BlackBerry Hops on the Monthly Android Security Update Train

Picking up a BlackBerry Priv? If so, you should be happy to learn that BlackBerry is committing to monthly Android security updates, just as we have seen from Google, Samsung, and LG. These updates will include enterprise-managed updates, as well as general vulnerability updates that Google notifies OEMs about. More importantly, BlackBerry also states that they will handle hotfixes, which require faster rollout.  (more…)

Blackberry Priv Arrives at AT&T on November 6

If you were turned off at the unlocked price of the Blackberry Priv when it went up for pre-order a couple of weeks ago, I can’t say I blame you. After all, this is Blackberry’s first real Android device and we all have a right to be a bit skeptical at the execution here from a company whose struggles have been well-documented in recent years. So if you were instead waiting for some official carrier attachment to hopefully help cut that cost, we now have it.  (more…)

Watch: BlackBerry Priv Feature Overview Video

Set to begin shipping November 6, with pre-orders already taking place, BlackBerry has uploaded a feature overview video to YouTube, detailing a few of the highlights offered by the Priv.

As detailed in the video, the phone features a dual-curved 5.4″ QHD display, 18MP rear-facing camera with OIS, innovative Android features such as pop-up widgets (sorta like Apple’s 3D Touch), as well as its physical keyboard with Smart Slide.  (more…)

Why the Blackberry Priv Matters [Opinion]

I’ve never been a Blackberry fan. Before I ended up getting an HTC Touch Pro 2 I had considered getting a Blackberry Storm because Verizon was offering a buy one get one free deal. I was too young to know that was a bad sign, but eventually I ended up doing more research before landing on the Touch Pro 2.

Since then I’ve continued to do what most smartphone fans have done regarding Blackberry; I’ve ignored them until a press release reminds me that they haven’t been sold to someone or finally closed up shop. I remember laughing to myself that the company who prided itself on having a stellar email experience (which, by the way, was not the case if you were a business that used Microsoft Exchange) didn’t have an email application for their first tablet. I remember reading about how the company was so baffled that Apple had made an honest to God smartphone that they thought Apple had faked the whole thing until they could get their hands on one. Blackberry has always been a joke to me, but the Priv is different.