Blackberry Goes Cross Platform With BBM, Coming to Android This Summer


After years of requests, Blackberry is finally bringing BBM – their one-time incredibly popular messaging app – to multiple platforms. Yes, BBM is coming to Android this summer. And…yeah. Isn’t it too late, Blackberry? There are dozens of high-quality messaging apps on the planet that have already consumed people’s lives. Plus, Google is about to release Hangouts (formerly Babel) as a unified messaging service to the masses that will gobble up all sorts of the messaging pie.

Announced this morning at Blackberry Live, BBM for Android (and iOS) will have groups and voice chat and screen share and all that jazz at some point, plus it should work on anything Android 4.0 and above, but come on, it doesn’t matter anymore. Just like with their hardware, it took Blackberry 3 years too long to capitalize on something good.

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AT&T Offers Trade-in Discounts of $100 and Up Towards Price of Galaxy S4 and HTC One

htc one vs galaxy s4

Buying a new smartphone is expensive. Sometimes there is no way around it, but AT&T is trying to help folks get a brand new device in their pockets with the intro of trade-in discounts on select devices. If your phone is less than three years old and works well, then it could be worth anywhere from a minimum of $100 and up, turning that $199 on a new two year price for a Galaxy S4 or HTC One into $99 or less with a new contract.  (more…)

Q4 Android U.S. Marketshare Numbers are in, Still Sitting Pretty at 53.4%

android apple

New numbers are in from comScore’s Q4 2012 report, ranking the top five U.S. marketshare contenders. In terms of operating systems, Android is still sitting on the throne with 53.4%, growing from last year’s 52.5%. Following Android is Apple’s iOS at 36.3%, which is quite respectable, considering BlackBerry and Windows make up just a little over 9% when combined.  (more…)

Spec Chart: Blackberry Z10 vs. Nexus 4 vs. DROID DNA vs. Note 2 vs. RAZR MAXX HD

blackberry z10

In case you weren’t paying attention, we thought we should point out that Blackberry tried to reinvent itself this morning in more ways than one. First, they are actually called Blackberry now, rather than RIM. That’s right, it’s a global name change that goes into effect immediately. Second, they announced Blackberry 10 (their newest OS) and two devices – the Blackberry Z10 and some random QWERTY thing that no one will want (it may be called the Q10).

The Z10, however, is their flagship and one that is aiming directly at Android and iOS. And since this device has a full touchscreen, is nothing like the failure that was the Storm, and might make some of you peek out the corner of your eye to see what it can do, we thought a spec battle was in store. If that seems weird, it’s not – we do this with all the big competitors.

Ready?  (more…)

Samsung’s Latest Ad Talks Up a Unicorn Apocalypse, Pokes Fun at Blackberry Business Phones

galaxy unicorn

To show off the business-readiness (SAFE) of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, Samsung has released a new TV spot that features a fictional mobile gaming company whose employees are stuck in a world of Blackberries as business phones. Well, Blackberries as business phones and iPhones as their “home” phones. As one would expect, Samsung highlights the powerful business sharing tools, levels of encryption, and multi-tasking abilities of their current lineup, while also taking jabs at the guy in the sportcoat who thinks a Blackberry means “business.”

Oh, the game they are creating is called “Unicorn Apocalypse.” Who doesn’t love unicorns?  (more…)

Q2: Android Accounts for 68% of World’s Smartphone Shipments

According to a new report from the IDC, iOS and Android accounted for 85% of all smartphones shipped during Q2, which is a phenomenal percentage. To no surprise, Samsung accounted for about 44% of all Android smartphones shipped and actually totaled in more combined product sold than the next 7 Android OEM’s combined. Do work, Samsung.

In total, Android accounted for 68% of all smartphones shipped globally while iOS held a mere 17%. As with any major release from Apple, those numbers are sure to get a nice boost as they prepare to launch their newest iPhone next month.  On a sadder note, while Android numbers grow bigger and healthier, it means that Windows and BlackBerry are not sharing the same success, accounting for just 4.8% and 3.5% of all shipments during the second quarter of 2012. Ouch.

Stay strong, Bugdroid. Stay strong.

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BlackBerry Messenger Not Coming to Android After All, Not Sure Anyone Cares Anymore

According to a report out of the Wall Street Journal, RIM is no longer looking to license its BlackBerry Messenger client to other platforms and will instead focus on creating additional features for it while pushing BlackBerry 10 and new devices. This move comes as somewhat of a shocker to many, as purported pictures of the service running on Android devices have appeared a couple of times now. There have also been countless rumors over the last year which suggested that RIM may try to leverage the popularity of the service to make some money for the company as their sales and market share continue to fall off cliffs.

My thoughts? Who cares. RIM had a chance to port this service over to Android and iOS a couple of years ago when it actually was still popular, but failed to do so. It’s just another sign of a company that may no longer be with us in a couple of years – one that has made the wrong move over and over again.

Seriously ask yourself, would you all of a sudden switch your messaging life over to BBM should it launch on Android today? You have lived without it for years now, is it really an app that you need to survive? Had RIM made the move to license it back in 2009 when everyone was migrating from BlackBerry devices over to Android and iPhones, it would have been a big deal. Now, not so much.

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