White House Testing Samsung and LG Phones, Looking to Get President Obama Off of BlackBerry

It seems BlackBerry devices don’t see much use here in America unless you work for the US government, as “only BlackBerry is designed to meet the high-security needs of U.S. and allied government agencies,” said a BlackBerry spokesperson. That was stated following the news that our nation’s White House staff is internally testing devices from both Samsung and LG, possibly looking to get President Barack Obama off of his beloved BlackBerry device.  (more…)

BBM 2.0 Update for Android and iOS Brings Free Voice Calls, Dropbox Integration, and Location Sharing

Are you one of the millions of former BlackBerry users that couldn’t, for whatever reason, let BlackBerry Messenger go? You probably have the BBM app for iOS and Android installed on your devices, then, and will be delighted to hear that an update with new features in tow will be made available for download today. It’s that BBM 2.0 update we mentioned not too long ago, and it seems like the wait might have been worth it. (more…)

Blackberry 10.2.1 Goes Live Today, Brings a Full Android Runtime for Sideloading APKs

We typically try to avoid Blackberry talk as much as we can on DL, but this latest update to Blackberry 10 brings in all sorts of Android fun. We grabbed the update’s changelog for Verizon’s Blackberry Z10 since the changelog is a solid 5 pages long. On the bottom of page two, there is a reference to it including a full Android Runtime that includes support for running native versions of Android apps that are APKs.

In the past, there was some half-baked trickery involved that needed to be performed in order for Android apps to run on a Blackberry device, but now with Blackberry 10.2.1, there is full support for Android apps. APK files can even be directly installed through a browser, with a wizard walking you through the setup.  (more…)

New BlackBerry Messenger Beta for Android Features BBM Voice, Beats Hangouts to the Punch

According to CrackBerry, BlackBerry has released an updated beta version of BBM for Android, which features a nice changelog that users should all enjoy. For starters, it is reported that the update brings a ton of new emoticons to use, improved file sharing, BBM Channels, and more importantly, BBM Voice. With BBM Voice, BBM users can call each other for free over a WiFi network, a feature that we were hoping an update to Google’s Hangouts app for Android would include, but still has yet to arrive. As reference, the Hangouts app on iOS has had Google Voice and calling integration for months now. (more…)

Future LG Phones to Launch With BBM Pre-installed, Gets Baked Into the G Pro Lite First

LG and BlackBerry announced a new deal this morning, that will have BBM come pre-installed on upcoming devices from the Korean manufacturer, starting with the G Pro Lite. According to BlackBerry, this will help phone buyers access one of the world’s premier mobile communication services. The app sure has come a long way since being delayed time and time again on Android, so we think its good that BlackBerry has been able to squeeze a bit more life out of this service.  (more…)

Could Officially Bringing Google Play to Blackberry Save Their Devices?


Last month, Blackberry finally brought its once-amazing BBM service to Android. It was viewed as a way for Blackberry to still stay somewhat relevant in today’s market, but wasn’t received very well thanks to delays to its release. Another problem is that this strategy was not selling any Blackberry devices for the struggling company. If these leaked images from Crackberry are true, Blackberry might be trying to bring Android onto its devices.  (more…)

BBM for Android to Start Rolling Out Today in Google Play (Update: It’s Live!)

bbm android

What an event this has been – the launching of BBM for Android onto Google Play. Back in September, the app was supposed to launch onto iOS and Android devices, but hanks to a pirated version of the app which apparently crashed the company’s entire server infrastructure (seriously?), they were forced to delay it. Almost a month later, they are ready to give it another go.  (more…)