This is How Blackberry “Secures the Android Platform” With the Priv

As Blackberry mentioned today in a blog post about securing Android, they have a “long and storied” history of being able to do so on mobile devices. They lay claim to things like being the first to secure email and other applications and deploy app permissions. Because of that history, they want you to believe that by teaming up with Google for the Blackberry Priv, they will give you a more secure mobile Android platform than anyone else.  (more…)

Blackberry Officially Introduces the Priv in Short Video Tour

Oh boy, oh boy, the Blackberry Priv in action! And not in the hands of Blackberry’s CEO, who doesn’t even know how to use it! This is big, right? You tell me, keyboard enthusiasts.

In the short clip below, which was posted to Blackberry’s official YouTube channel, we get to see the phone in action, including its stock Android build, tweaks to the home-swipe gesture, Blackberry’s Hub (with calendar peaking), and yes, typing on that keyboard (with gestures!), and a quick search on Google Maps.  (more…)

Blackberry Priv Pre-Registration Opens, Offers Up More Specs

As of this moment, you can make your odd infatuation with the Blackberry Priv somewhat official. The Canadian company opened up pre-registration for the Android-powered slider, which is really just a way for them to gauge interest before selling it. By signing up, you will supposedly be the first to know when this “revolutionary” phone is available for purchase. (Or you could just read Droid Life, because the chances of us telling you before they do are pretty high.)  (more…)

BBM Gets PayPal Integration for Device-to-Device Payments

If you are still hanging on to your BBM PIN and are a fan of that Priv thing, we have good news for you! Blackberry’s BBM got a big update today on a variety of platforms, but on Android we care about the fact that it now has PayPal integration. So, as the feature rolls out to all, you will be able to easily share funds from your PayPal account to friends. It’ll look like the image above.

Also in the update, you can subscribe to the BBM Sticker Club for use of hundreds of sticker packs and customize the font used within your BBM conversations. That’s neat.

The full list of newness across platforms is below.  (more…)

BlackBerry Posted Official Images of Priv Yesterday

The Priv from BlackBerry, aka Venice, has been the target of many leaks over the past month, and it seems BlackBerry, a company that touts their security, has had enough. In a blog post, the company released three official images of the device, leading fans of BlackBerry to either embrace the upcoming device, or express their distaste for its usage of the Android OS.  (more…)

Blackberry CEO John Chen Goes Hands-on With the Priv, a Phone He May Not Even Know How to Use

Blackberry Priv, like give. That’s the proper way of saying “Priv.” We now know, which is good because even after a 5-minute conversation on the matter during today’s DL Show, we were 100% wrong. Dammit. We thought Priv as in leave or sleeve. Silly Android people from the US, you know nothing.

Anyways, I bring it up because Blackberry CEO John Chen did a little hands-on song and dance with the phone today through Canadian news outlet, BNN. It’s awkward, to say the least, but also quite comical and incredibly awesome, because I don’t think he even knows how to use it.  (more…)

Blackberry Confirms That It’s Making a Flagship Android Phone Called “Priv”

This morning, during its Q2 earnings called, Blackberry announced/confirmed that it will launch a “flagship” phone powered by Android that is called the “Priv.” The Priv, as you probably already figured out, is the Venice slider that has leaked over and over and over and over again.

Blackberry said that this “flagship” Priv brings together “the best of Blackberry security and productivity with the expansive mobile application ecosystem available on the Android platform.” They are hoping that, during a time where your privacy seems to always be under threat, they can attract you to this device that will hopefully keep you snuggly warm and safe.  (more…)