BlackBerry Priv Reported to Hit T-Mobile Network on January 26

According to a leaked image, the BlackBerry Priv will hit T-Mobile’s network on January 26, bringing an official end to the current exclusive AT&T holds on the device. If the image is to be believed, then not only can BlackBerry fans pick up the device through T-Mobile, but Verizon also confirmed last month that it will also carry the device, “soon.” (more…)

BlackBerry Priv Review

The BlackBerry Priv is, in my opinion, the most important phone of the year. That’s not something I say lightly. The Priv gets so many things right and has a uniquely beneficial experience that you can’t get on any other device, but like every other phone there are flaws. Is the Priv the phone of the year or just another nail in BlackBerry’s (née RIM) coffin?

This is our BlackBerry Priv review. (more…)

Reported Renders Show Off BlackBerry’s Second Android Device

According to new renders hitting the web, the Priv won’t be the only Android device we see from BlackBerry. This morning, images of the Vienna are hitting the web, showing a more standard appearance from what we expect out of BlackBerry.

On the Vienna, there is no slider, as the physical keyboard is simply always present on the front of the device. There is of course a somewhat large touchscreen as well, in addition to three physical buttons directly below the display for your basic Android commands like Back, Home, and Multitasking.  (more…)

Blackberry Priv Unboxing and Tour!

Oh, hey, physical keyboard lovers. We have a special treat for you today in the form of the Blackberry Priv. What’s that? There aren’t any real keyboard lovers left, only those who once thought they loved physical keyboards before realizing that on-screen keyboards were better but now are trying to re-convince themselves that maybe, just maybe, a physical keyboard made by Blackberry that is attached to mostly stock Android could be a winner? Yeah, well, this is for you!  (more…)

Verizon Confirms It Will Carry Blackberry Priv “Soon”

The Blackberry Priv arrived today at AT&T as some sort of short-term exclusive because US carriers are the worst and still think anyone gives a sh*t about their exclusives. Sorry, AT&T, but no one is going to flock to your services because you have the Blackberry Priv or the Galaxy S6 Active or some Windows Phone garbage a few weeks ahead of everyone else. Whatever.  (more…)

Blackberry Priv and HTC One A9 Now Available in the US

Just got paid and need to blow all that cash on a new smartphone? Today would be a decent day, as we have two devices available worth at least a few minutes of your time. On one hand, we have the Blackberry Priv, which is the first Android-powered phone from the Canadian keyboard aficionado. On the other, you have HTC’s One A9, which is actually a pretty great phone, aside from the fact that it looks like an iPhone 6.  (more…)

Choo Choo: BlackBerry Hops on the Monthly Android Security Update Train

Picking up a BlackBerry Priv? If so, you should be happy to learn that BlackBerry is committing to monthly Android security updates, just as we have seen from Google, Samsung, and LG. These updates will include enterprise-managed updates, as well as general vulnerability updates that Google notifies OEMs about. More importantly, BlackBerry also states that they will handle hotfixes, which require faster rollout.  (more…)