Why the Blackberry Priv Matters [Opinion]

I’ve never been a Blackberry fan. Before I ended up getting an HTC Touch Pro 2 I had considered getting a Blackberry Storm because Verizon was offering a buy one get one free deal. I was too young to know that was a bad sign, but eventually I ended up doing more research before landing on the Touch Pro 2.

Since then I’ve continued to do what most smartphone fans have done regarding Blackberry; I’ve ignored them until a press release reminds me that they haven’t been sold to someone or finally closed up shop. I remember laughing to myself that the company who prided itself on having a stellar email experience (which, by the way, was not the case if you were a business that used Microsoft Exchange) didn’t have an email application for their first tablet. I remember reading about how the company was so baffled that Apple had made an honest to God smartphone that they thought Apple had faked the whole thing until they could get their hands on one. Blackberry has always been a joke to me, but the Priv is different.

Blackberry Priv Goes Back Up for Pre-Order, This Time at $699

The Blackberry Priv, after a brief appearance on a pre-order page two days ago, is back up for pre-order! We think officially this time too.

The Blackberry site that previously listed the phone is live once again and this time wit ha $50 discount. The original listing showed a $749 price, but we are now looking at $699 in the US. That’s still insanely expensive, but maybe that’s the price we have to pay for a physical throwback keyboard and a unified inbox.  (more…)

Blackberry Priv Specs (Official)

The Blackberry Priv is now up for pre-order in the US for $749. That’s kind of a crazy steep price that I can’t imagine a whole bunch of people being willing to step up to the plate to take a crack at, but hey, you have all been excited enough about it that anything is possible. With that said, tonight’s open pre-orders mean we finally have the full list of specs for this Android-powered security machine. And honestly, they sound freaking amazing.  (more…)

This is How Blackberry “Secures the Android Platform” With the Priv

As Blackberry mentioned today in a blog post about securing Android, they have a “long and storied” history of being able to do so on mobile devices. They lay claim to things like being the first to secure email and other applications and deploy app permissions. Because of that history, they want you to believe that by teaming up with Google for the Blackberry Priv, they will give you a more secure mobile Android platform than anyone else.  (more…)

Blackberry Officially Introduces the Priv in Short Video Tour

Oh boy, oh boy, the Blackberry Priv in action! And not in the hands of Blackberry’s CEO, who doesn’t even know how to use it! This is big, right? You tell me, keyboard enthusiasts.

In the short clip below, which was posted to Blackberry’s official YouTube channel, we get to see the phone in action, including its stock Android build, tweaks to the home-swipe gesture, Blackberry’s Hub (with calendar peaking), and yes, typing on that keyboard (with gestures!), and a quick search on Google Maps.  (more…)

Blackberry Priv Pre-Registration Opens, Offers Up More Specs

As of this moment, you can make your odd infatuation with the Blackberry Priv somewhat official. The Canadian company opened up pre-registration for the Android-powered slider, which is really just a way for them to gauge interest before selling it. By signing up, you will supposedly be the first to know when this “revolutionary” phone is available for purchase. (Or you could just read Droid Life, because the chances of us telling you before they do are pretty high.)  (more…)