DEAL: Nexus 6P in Gold is $50 Off at Best Buy (Updated: Google Store Too)

For what I can only imagine is a limited time, Best Buy has slashed the price of the Nexus 6P in gold by $50. That means the 32GB version is $449 and the 64GB version is $499. Those are Black Friday level prices for a phone that we still consider to be the best Android phone you can buy today.

This gold model isn’t any different from the white, aluminium, or graphite models, other than the fact that it has a gold paint job. At one point, it was a Japan exclusive, but at CES, Huawei and Google announced that it had reach wider availability. In the US, that means it can be purchased through the Google Store or at Best Buy.

Be sure to read our review of the Nexus 6P if you haven’t already, and then get you some gold.

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Nexus 6P Hits Best Buy and Sells Out, But Amazon Has It

Just as a report said it would, the Nexus 6P officially hit Best Buy this week, but as of right now, the device is listed at “sold out” online. Once the device is listed as available, Best Buy will be another place, besides the Google Store, where you can purchase the phone. And for those who need to hold a phone before they buy, this should also mean that Best Buy will have units in-store at some point for fondling.

If waiting on Best Buy is no good, Amazon is now also listing the device in-stock, ready for your purchase. Amazon has the Aluminium and Graphite model available, but a few of the storage options are out of stock.  (more…)

Report: Nexus 6P Coming to Best Buy, Gold Model to be Made Available in US

According to sources of 9 to 5 Google, Google will begin to sell the Nexus 6P through Best Buy sometime in the very near future, but more interestingly, the same folks “familiar with the matter,” claim that Google will also begin to sell the Nexus 6P Special Edition (gold model) to residents of the US, ending the exclusivity period for Japan it currently sits at.  (more…)

Best Buy Now Selling Nexus 5X, Also has It Discounted to $299

Google’s less expensive new phone, the Nexus 5X, is now available at Best Buy and on sale at the $299 Cyber Weekend price that both Google and Amazon have been selling it at. You can currently buy the phone from Best Buy with 16GB of storage and in black or white, with shipping happening within a day. At this time, no 32GB version is available in any model, nor is the greenish, blueish, mintish, “Ice” color.

According to Best Buy, the Nexus 5X should hit physical stores on December 10, in case you have been wanting to get your hands on it before deciding whether or not to buy.

To catch up on the Nexus 5X, be sure to read our review.

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DEAL: UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker Just $99 ($100 Off)

We don’t often write up deals on speakers because we’re not an audio site. But every once in a while, a deal pops up that we just have to pass along. Best Buy, in a pre-Black Friday deal, has the UE Boom wireless Bluetooth speaker slashed to just $99.99, which is a $100 discount. That’s a hell of a deal.

This is one of the best reviewed Bluetooth speakers on the market with a 4.7 star rating at both Best Buy and Amazon, through thousands of reviews. It has 2 active and 2 passive speaker  drivers, NFC, is rechargeable with up to 15 hours of playback, has a 3.5mm aux jack, and is IPX4 water resistant. If you have two UE Booms, you can link them together for some stereo fun.

The deal is for multiple colors of the UE Boom and includes free shipping.

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Samsung Gear VR “Consumer Edition” Now Up for Pre-Order at $99

Ready to tackle the first consumer edition of Samsung’s Gear VR headset line? Called just Gear VR, sans “Innovator Edition” tag, you can pre-order the headset today for $99 at places like Best Buy, Amazon, and

As a reminder, this is the first of Samsung’s Gear VR series that works with multiple devices. In fact, this consumer edition works with the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6, and regular Galaxy S6 Edge. Previous models were stuck with single device support, so the design has obviously changed for the better this time around.  (more…)

Moto X Pure Edition Available at Best Buy Stores

Sick of reading about the Moto X Pure Edition and would rather get your hands on one? You can now do just that at Best Buy stores. This evening, Best Buy’s website flipped the switch on black, white, and bamboo models of 16GB or 32GB with in-store pick-up. We have also heard that Best Buy stores have the phone on display for some physical rubbing from you.

Before you cruise in, you should hit up the link below and check your nearest stores for availability. I live in Oregon and wasn’t able to find any nearby stores with the phone, but Washington sure seems to have plenty of stores with stock.

Motorola told us that mid-September would be the time that the Moto X Pure would arrive in stores and it looks like they were spot on.  (more…)