Beautiful Widgets Gets Update to Version 4.0, Web Skin Market and Multi-Forecast Added By Demand

Beautiful Widgets, one of the most successful applications on Android, just got a massive update today. BW took the plastic off a new online Web Store that allows you to browse through their whole catalog of widget skins. You can see an HD version of the skin, scroll through a few skins in that set and even tweet about how awesome this new widget is going to be. Best part though is once you log into the website with your BW account, you can save widget skins to the cloud and then transfer them to your phone through the cloud.

And they weren’t done there. One of their most requested features was the option to have more than one forecast in their weather application and they have provided it in this update. You can even swipe between them smoothly like a good Ice Cream Sandwich optimized application would let you. How many users use BW? Are you going to make use of the new website?

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Day 2 of Google’s 10 Days of 10 Cent Apps: Beautiful Widgets, Fruit Ninja, and More

It is day two of Google’s ten days of premium apps for just 10 cents!  Yesterday had some really great options and today is no different.  To name just a few of the biggest names we have Fruit Ninja, Beautiful Widgets, and Read It Later Pro.  This is possibly the greatest deal to ever come to the Android Market and we still have 8 days left!

If you want to see the whole page of deals, then check out the Android Market.

Beautiful Widgets is FREE Right Now from GetJar

There used to be this running joke around when it came to Beautiful Widgets, that I’m sure some of you long-time readers will probably remember.  Back when this site and Android for the most part, were just starting to explode, we used to get comments on every post asking, “What’s that clock widget!”  We ended up writing a post about it so that it could be referenced by readers and us every time someone asked.  Boy have we come a long way since then.

Anyways, we thought we should point out that this iconic Android application is free for the time being from GetJar.  Normally priced at around $2.99, this app gives you plenty of options to spice up your phone from time to time.

GetJar Link

Cheers @0mie!

Beautiful Widgets Beta 3.5 with Tablet Support Available

A beta version of Beautiful Widgets has just been released and is the first version to include a tablet-specific clock size of 4×3.  You can see from my screen above that it actually doesn’t look all that bad, especially once you start skinning it just as you would with any other  version.  You won’t find it on the market yet, but there is an .apk below to  get you going.  Install as you would any other .apk file.

Download:  bwbeta.apk

Via:  Twitter

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Beautiful Widgets Receives Update, Introduces New SuperClock and Hi-res Skins

Just yesterday we revisited Beautiful Widgets with some new skins and today a major update popped up for it.  I suggest you take a look at the changelog above which talks about a new “SuperClock”, battery meters, re-written live wallpaper, hi-res everything, and a bunch of fixes.  It also introduced a fairly new UI for setting up your clocks which should make life easier for the novice user out there.  We are seeing one major problem though, and that’s the idea that all of the previously made skins will no longer work with these “SuperClocks”.  Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that current skins will be easy to port over or this update may be a giant failure.

Grab it from the market now.

Download Link

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Download: Curved Collection Beautiful Widgets Skins for Liberty and Gingerbread ROMs

We haven’t talked much about Beautiful Widgets lately, but after receiving this new set of skins from reader Nicholas, we’re back on the bandwagon.  For those of you looking to add some extra spice to that Liberty or Gingerbread ROM of yours, these should fit in nicely.  Oh, and these will all be included in the BW download list in the next week or so if you don’t want to do this all manually, but we wanted to get them to you early.

Download: (alt link)


1.  Download the file from above to your PC or SD card.
2.  Unzip the files and place them in your Beautiful Widgets skins folder.


3.  Run Beautiful Widgets and choose your favorite skin!

And a big “Thanks!” again to Nicholas for sending these over!

Beautiful Widgets Live Wallpaper Released

Beautiful Widgets was updated today and included a special prize if you ventured into the app’s settings.  The developer behind one of the most successful apps ever, created a live wallpaper to compliment BW called Beautiful Live Weather.

This new live wallpaper pulls up your local weather and streams it across the background.  Pretty cool right?  Oh, and it works even better if you have Beautiful Widgets installed.

*Side Note* – I know that many of you are reporting that you cannot see the app in the market.  Try our direct link below from your phone’s browser.  There is also word from the dev that they will be posting the apk tomorrow.  It’s free so I’d think about posting it, but I’m not sure everyone involved would be that excited about that.


Download Link