BBM Receiving Update to Version 1.0.2 – Brings Contact Categories and Group Filtering

bbm android

This afternoon, BBM for Android is to receive an update, one that brings a few requested features, as well as bug fixes. Since its release, there appears to be plenty of people using this app, which actually shocked many of us. It’s rated quite highly in Google Play, so maybe all of that waiting for an app paid off for people.  (more…)

BBM for Android to Start Rolling Out Today in Google Play (Update: It’s Live!)

bbm android

What an event this has been – the launching of BBM for Android onto Google Play. Back in September, the app was supposed to launch onto iOS and Android devices, but hanks to a pirated version of the app which apparently crashed the company’s entire server infrastructure (seriously?), they were forced to delay it. Almost a month later, they are ready to give it another go.  (more…)

Head of BBM at BlackBerry: Delay to Take Time, Won’t Launch This Week


The official launch of BBM for Android and iOS was delayed this past Saturday, after what BlackBerry calls a foul up due to an older version of BBM hitting the web, pretty much crashing the BBM system. The users of the leaked version, which hit 1 million+, sent too much data to servers, which then, “impacted the service in an abnormal way.” Today, the head of BBM at BlackBerry, Andrew Bocking, says a lot of work needs to be done to fix the problem, so launch won’t be happening anytime this week.  (more…)

BBM for Android and iOS Put on Hold as Leak Overwhelms Blackberry


BBM for Android was supposed to launch yesterday and never did. As many waited patiently (though, I don’t know why) throughout the day without a release or update from Blackberry, a leak from the night before continued to circulate, giving many a first-hand look at the messaging service. By the late afternoon, Blackberry announced that they would not be launching because that leak had caused them problems. With over 1 million users installing the leaked app in such a short time, Blackberry could not keep up and has put it all on “pause.”  (more…)

BlackBerry Messenger Leaked for Android – You Can Log In, Just Can’t Use It


Years later, the BBM for Android application has finally leaked, and we are so very close to seeing its official launch. Over the weekend, a special build of BlackBerry Messenger was posted to the web, but only whitelisted accounts can gain access past the login screen. You can set up an account and get yourself oriented with the app’s icon, but so far, there is no functionality for regular users.  (more…)

Video: BBM for Android Receives Hands-on Tour


Well, there it is – BBM for Android. Thanks to a beta build shown off on video over the weekend, we now know what to expect from Blackberry’s formerly popular instant messaging client outside of a release date. It’s a Blackberry 10-esque version of Blackberry Messenger that works on Android. You’ve got group chats, emoticons, NFC contact sharing, an ongoing BBM icon notification (in case you forgot it was running), and even that snazzy little BBM notification sound.  (more…)

BBM Hits Beta Testing Stage, Because Someone Out There Still Wants It


We have been hearing rumors that Blackberry Messenger is coming to Android for almost a year now. Seems like every few months, just when we have forgotten about it, another leaked screenshot or release date comes out to remind us that Blackberry is still working on it. Emails have been sent out to members of a Blackberry Beta group that BBM for Android is available for download right now for testing.  (more…)