AT&T Introduces New Unlimited Data Plan for Those With DIRECTV or U-Verse

Did you ever think Verizon or AT&T would re-introduce unlimited data to this wireless world of ours? I can’t say that I saw it coming this soon, but AT&T is the first of the two to decide that overpricing the hell out of data for years was probably unnecessary. This morning, AT&T announced the “New Unlimited Plan” for AT&T customers who also “have or add” DIRECTV or U-Verse TV. The new plan is available beginning tomorrow, January 12.

Yes, that is the important qualification here. This unlimited plan isn’t for everyone – it’s only for those who also plan to use one of AT&T’s cable services too. So as long as you already have or plan to add DIRECTV service, or AT&T U-Verse, into your monthly billing schedule, you can ignore this and move on with your day. If you do use (or plan to) one of those TV services, then read on!  (more…)

AT&T Confirms: GoPhone Prepaid Buckets Increasing to 5GB and 2GB

UPDATE 1/6: AT&T reached out and confirmed the changes to us. The only difference is the new plans and upgraded data bucket amounts will be live on January 8, not January 6 as we originally reported.

Tomorrow, AT&T will introduce some changes to their prepaid plans that include more data without a price hike, according to sources of ours.  (more…)

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AT&T Acquires Assets of Carrier iQ, the Company Everyone Hated in 2011

Many moons ago, when Android was still relatively young, there was once a company called Carrier iQ. The company was contracted to place software on devices for carriers that tracked which apps you opened, places you went, texts you received, and a whole lot more information that was then handed over to carriers to help better the customer experience.

However, while all of this information was being exchanged, the customer never knew about it until one day in 2011, a security analysis was being ran on an HTC device. Once folks were made aware of what was taking place behind their back, the company and carriers involved received major backlash, and since then, it’s been somewhat smooth sailing in terms of privacy policies and carrier transparency with regard to data collection.

Now that you are caught up on the backstory, it was announced today that AT&T has acquired certain assets of Carrier iQ, along with select personnel. In a statement given to TechCrunch, an AT&T spokesperson says, “We’ve acquired the rights to Carrier iQ’s software, and some CIQ employees moved to AT&T. We use CIQ software solely to improve the customer’s network and wireless service experience. This is in line with our Privacy Policy and provides a great benefit to users of our network.” (more…)

AT&T Says It has More Than 27 Million VoLTE Subscribers, Does Carrier-to-Carrier VoLTE Exchange

AT&T announced today that its voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service is king, at least in terms of subscribers. According to their numbers, their VoLTE covers more than 295 million Americans, even if only 27 million of them are actual signed up for it, which is tops in the US. That’s a lot! Good for them.

There may be bigger news than numbers out of this announcement, though, and that’s a two-sentence, end-of-paragraph mention in their news release about carrier-to-carrier VoLTE exchanges.  (more…)

Verizon is Handing Out Up to $650 Per Line if You Switch Over From Another Carrier

To end the year, Verizon appears to be ready to pay for your business in a way that almost all of the other carriers have tried over the past couple of years. Big Red, the one wireless carrier who has tried to avoid this type of promo, has either given in to the new battle for wireless customers or wants to try and crush them all with through their LTE fingertips. Whatever the case, this is what’s going on in a new $650 per line switching deal that the company kicked off this morning.  (more…)