Atrix Running Stock Android 2.3.4 has been Rooted, DROID3 Up Next?

Over the weekend, we were tipped to instructions that had been released for rooting the Motorola Atrix running stock, locked Android 2.3.4 – something that had previously not been accomplished on any non-Nexus device.  And once we found out, we started doing our best to spread the word, but thought we should also let all of you know, here on the site.  You see, the more we get people talking about it, the more likely  we are to find someone who can make it happen for our friend the DROID3 which could also lead to the rooting of the DROID Bionic.  We’re expecting both devices to be running almost identical software on very, very similar hardware.

There is talk that we may need an SBF in order to accomplish root, but our friend @P3Droid thinks he may be close without one.  You’ll want to keep it close, as we’ll be all over this story.

Atrix owners, you’ll want to head over to this RootzWiki thread for instructions.

Cheers jigga_z!

AT&T and Motorola Prepping a Sequel to the Atrix with a 720p HD Screen?

Remember just a few weeks ago when a photo was found on Flickr to have been taken with a Motorola DROID HD?  That phone may have just surfaced overseas in a massive gallery as ME865, but sporting an AT&T logo and looking a heck of a lot like the Atrix.  The blog that posted these or at least is analyzing them, claims that this device is the DROID HD (except that we know DROID is exclusive to Verizon) and will sport a 720p HD screen (720×1280 resolution).  Yowzaz.  The screen certainly looks massive and almost has a bubble look to it, but there really is no way to tell if it’s 720p or not.

So what else do we have?  For one, no more fingerprint scanner.  (Was anyone actually using that thing anyway?)  The device will also have a pumped up 8MP camera that shoots 1080p (just like the Bionic and DROID3), HDMI-out, and the newest version of Blur (just don’t call it that).

The big news here though, is clearly that screen.  Could this really be one of the first HD screens on a smartphone?  We saw a benchmark earlier suggesting that HTC has one in the works called Vigor, so maybe this is about to become the norm?  And what about Verizon customers who are about to buy the Bionic?  Should we expect another variant to head to Big Red in 2011?  Lot’s of questions.  You guys give me the answers.

Update:  We see that a number of you noticed that there is a weird watermark of some sort that says “Sony Ericsson” and are assuming that they are fake.  While we won’t ever 100% know, we’re pretty sure it is a watermark for the original forum that they came from.  The watermark moves in each photo.  The images more than likely originated at this forum which is a Sony Ericsson forum, hence the reason for that logo on there.

Full gallery below.   (more…)

Motorola Atrix Bootloader Can Now Be Unlocked

Whacky reports starting flying around last night when a leaked and unlockable engineer build of Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) found its way onto a consumer Atrix.  Some were quick to think that this would happen in mass to everyone’s Atrix going forward through an update, but we’re standing by our thoughts that this unlockable build was never meant to see the light of day.  To our knowledge, Moto had no plans to unlock this phone yet.   (more…)

Motorola Will Unlock the Atrix 4G Bootloader When it Receives Gingerbread? We’ll See.

According to tech site Brief Mobile, who is apparently the only site and person on the planet with a leaked version of Gingerbread for the Motorola Atrix, there might be a chance that it will see the first retroactively unlocked bootloader.  That’s right, the version of Android 2.3.3 that they have had for a few weeks now (but are unwilling to share) can apparently be unlocked using fastboot oem unlock just like you would with a Nexus device or the Motorola XOOM.

We’ve known for a couple of months now that Moto was taking steps towards a more developer-friendly bootloader policy, so this could be possible.  In fact, less than two weeks ago they attempted to clarify this new policy and even hinted at unlocking some older devices.  So, could the Motorola Atrix be the first to receive such glory?  We’re not ready to jump down that road just yet and we’ll tell you why.

First off, since this build of Gingerbread has not been seen by anyone but this tech site, it’s pretty clear that they got it from a developer.  And what I mean by that is, this could easily be a build that was left wide open and that was never supposed to see the hand of an end-user.  Second, the Motorola Photon 4G which was just announced, will have a locked bootloader according to Motorola, so why would they all of a sudden retroactively unlock the Atrix instead of their newest device?  Third, if Moto was going to finally take a stand and start unlocking phones, they had a really good opportunity with the DROIDX when it received GB a few weeks back, but passed.  And fourth, this is an AT&T device we’re talking about here.

So I apologize if I’m sounding a little skeptical at this point, but will hope for the best.  And who knows, maybe AT&T decided to flip a complete 180 and become the ultimate dev-friendly carrier with an “OK”?  Maybe it’s Verizon that held the DX back?  Or maybe this is all nothing and the official GB for the Atrix will be locked down as ever.

Update:  For more info, you may want to check out this Atrix thread at XDA.  It looks like this build is in the hands of a few select people and is also pretty clear that it’s just an “engineering” build which we would assume are all unlocked.  Not looking so good, folks.  Still hoping that a miracle is about to happen though!

Will be keeping an eye on it…

Via:  Brief Mobile

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

Details Mag Recommends HTC Thunderbolt, Atrix 4G and Nexus S

In the March edition of Details, they recommended a bunch of phones that don’t begin with an “I” and we couldn’t help but smile at all of the Android options.  Of course, we loved seeing the Thunderbolt, but also took notice that they left out Skype and 8-device hotspot features which we know have been fueling the delay controversy lately.  Oh, and another 2-page ad showed up directly after.  Just wanted to share…

Wallpapers, Ringtones and Boot Animation Pulled from Motorola Atrix 4G System Dump

Since many of the readers of our little site here are Motorola product owners, I thought I’d point out that the Atrix 4G system dump has found a home on the internet.  It’s essentially the same version of Blur we all have running on the DROID X, so there isn’t a lot of new stuff, but a couple of the wallpapers look different and you can trick everyone into thinking your phone has a dual-core processor by using its new boot animation.  Ringtones are included as well.

Now, if only that title said BIONIC, right?   And not to hate on our cousin from AT&T, but in terms of looks, the BIONIC kills it.

Links and boot animation video after the break.   (more…)

Motorola: “There are no overheating issues” with the BIONIC or Atrix 4G

After the Atrix/BIONIC power issues story spread like the ridiculous wildfire that it was this morning, Motorola has reached out to us to confirm that neither device suffers from overheating issues.”  Both products will “ship as scheduled.”   And of course, we asked to hear what that schedule may be and heard what we already knew:  Q1 for Atrix and no date yet for the BIONIC.

While they are in crisis-control mode right now, we shouldn’t even care if the devices actually do have power issues at this point.  As we wrote earlier, these are the next major devices from Motorola that will take them through most of the year, and we’d all be foolish to think they would release them with any “unfixable” issues.  The devices will launch in the next couple of months, will be beastly, and we’ll all look back and laugh at the silly forum fodder.

More on the DROID BIONIC.

Rumor: DROID BIONIC and Atrix Suffering from Power Management Issues

We had heard about power issues with the DROID BIONIC essentially on the day we returned from CES, but brushed them off as the units we used were clearly no where near finalized.  In fact, we were told that we might not see the device in the first half of 2011 because of these issues, but again, pushed our worries aside hoping that Moto would take action.  And then this week, those rumors became more visible over at Howard Forums through a couple of “trusted” members. (more…)