AT&T to Carry the ASUS Padfone X With LTE Advanced, VoLTE and HD Voice

AT&T announced this morning at the end of their developer summit that it will exclusively carry the ASUS Padfone X in the U.S. Previous variants of the phone and tablet combo device have avoided the U.S. market up until now, even though it has been quite popular in international markets. We aren’t sure why (other than carriers hating the idea that you can use a smartphone data plan with a tablet by docking them together), but are certainly excited to see this hybrid concept arrive.  (more…)

ASUS Teases CES Press Event With Video, Features the Numbers 4, 5, and 6

When it comes to ASUS, the company isn’t very well known in the States for its smartphones, but more for its tablets. They have made the past two Nexus 7 tablets for Google, and also have a quite popular lineup of Transformer tablets which probably sell pretty well in North America. Regardless of what they are known for to us, ASUS released a teaser video a few days ago, showing off balls featuring either the number 4, 5, or 6 on them. What could these numbers point to? Screen sizes? Could we finally see ASUS make a huge splash in the American smartphone market? (more…)

Asus Teases Dual-booting Something or Other for CES

With CES around the corner, expect to see a tease or two per week from companies looking to steal some of the spotlight from competitors or at least make us pay attention for a minute. Asus is one of the first up with this new clip that dropped over the weekend. It features the Statue of Liberty throwing up deuces to tell us that it has a product that can do two things. The product appears to be a tablet of some sort, or convertible laptop-to-tablet dealio, which also flashes green and blue as a potential sign that we’re looking at Windows and Android.  (more…)

ASUS Tablets That Dual Boots Android and Windows Spotted at the FCC

When it comes to Android tablets, ASUS has had a lot of success. Its Transformer series was one of the most popular Android tablet lineups before Google decided to launch the Nexus 7, which was also made by ASUS. Today, a line of new ASUS tablets were spotted heading through the FCC to get their certification, one of which looked like it was capable of running Android alongside Windows. (more…)

Report: Supposed LG-Made Nexus 10 Spotted in Renders, Launch Scheduled for November 22?

LG Nexus 10

Over the weekend, every single person concerned about an upcoming Nexus 10 tablet was thrown a heavy curveball. Since rumors began of a new Nexus 10, there has been little confirmation as to which OEM would produce the next rendition, with leaks coming from both ASUS and Samsung in a battle for production. Interestingly enough, new material has popped up by way of Reddit, which actually points to LG being the manufacturer. (more…)

Verizon Breaks Silence on Nexus 7 LTE Activations, Waiting for Google to Update Device to Android 4.4

verizon nexus 7 lte

Verizon released a statement this afternoon, which concerns all Nexus 7 LTE hopefuls looking to grab the device on Big Red’s network. Since its launch, the device has been compatible with the 4G LTE network, but Verizon has been reluctant on activating the device to its network, stating that a 4-6 week certification process was holding everything up.

Now with the 4-6 week time frame well past us, Verizon states that a “systems issue” that required Google and ASUS’ immediate attention has been the source of the hold up. With Google’s release of Kit Kat, the company apparently decided to suspend the certification process, and instead wait until Kit Kat was pushed to the Nexus 7, which will then be resubmitted for certification.  (more…)