Archos Unveils LTE-capable Lineup Ahead of CES, Includes a Phone and Range of Tablets

Archos has a new range of devices to unveil at this year’s CES, all capable of connecting to 4G LTE networks and accessing Google’s services. Archos’ new smartphone, the 50 Diamond, brings an impressive spec list, coupled with great pricing.

The 50 Diamond features a Qualcomm-made Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 5″ Full-HD display, 16MP rear-facing shooter, 8MP front-facing camera, dual-SIM setup, microSD slot, 2700mAh battery, and run Android 4.4.4 with zero skins on top. This device may sound like a dream to a few potential buyers, and for this, Archos has priced the 50 Diamond at under $200.  (more…)

Archos Unveils the Arcbook, Android-powered Netbook With Touchscreen

A new device was unveiled today from Archos, an Android-powered portable netbook called the ArcBook. The device features a 10.1″ (1024 x 600) touchscreen display, is powered by a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM, and comes running Android 4.2.2.

The ArcBook comes with a full keyboard built in, complete with a mousepad and front-facing camera for video calls.  (more…)

Archos Unveils 45 and 50 Helium 4G LTE Smartphones, Both Feature Quad-core Chips and Android 4.3

Archos is to pull back the curtains on two new smartphones at CES next week, the 45 Helium and the 50 Helium. Both phones are for the budget-minded buyer, sitting at $199 and $249 respectively. Each device features 4G LTE radios, as well as Qualcomm quad-core processors clocked at 1.4GHz, and an Android 4.3 OS which is upgradeable to Android 4.4.2. Archos looks to be re-entering the budget device field with the right idea. 

Archos Unveils New Line of Products for Home and Health

Archos, the French company famous (or infamous) for its line of budget Android devices and accessories, intends to bring a number of “smart” electronics to market for the budget-conscious. The company plans to elaborate at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, but says to expect two new product lines of “connected objects”: “connected home”, and “connected self”. (more…)

Archos Unveils 101 XS 2 Tablet, Part of Its New Gen11 Lineup


Archos announced a tablet this morning, the 101 XS 2, the newest member of the Gen11 lineup. The tablet should remind you of the 101 XS that was released last year, a slate that was incredibly thin and somewhat speedy considering its lack of top tier specs. The Xs 2 features a 10.1″ IPS display (1280 x 800), a quad-core processor clocked at 1.6GHz, 2GB of RAM, as well as front-facing dual stereo speakers. Not a bad little package, considering the device will go on sale starting at only $279 this December.  (more…)

Archos Unveils Titanium Lineup of Phones, Budget-friendly Devices With Rock Bottom Specs


This afternoon, Archos unveiled a new lineup of smartphones, designed for the budget-minded buyer in all of us. The line is called Titanium, and if you’ll recall, Archos also released a Titanium lineup of Android-powered tablets shortly ago. The phones feature some good price points, but after looking at the specs, it might be hard to get excited. (more…)