History of App Stores and Their Milestones [Infographic]

The Android and iOS app stores have hit their share of milestones over the last couple of years. Their number of apps available, downloaded and paid for are increasing with every blink of the eye. But have you ever wondered what a timeline of those milestones looked like? When both markets officially kicked things off or when they hit their first billionth download? Thanks to the folks at ShoutEm, we get just that through an inforgraphic.  (more…)

Amazon Holding Android Speaker Dock Deal – Buy A Dock And Receive $30 Towards Amazon Purchases

If you have been looking to pick up one of those new Philips Fidelio Docking Stations that we reviewed last week, do it now. For a limited time when you purchase one of the four docks from Amazon, you will receive a $15 credit towards any Amazon MP3 purchases and a $15 Amazon Appstore credit. $30 of Amazon goodness. There is sure to be a docking station to suit the needs of anyone. They would also make a great gift.


Cheers Sam!

Amazon Drops The Price On A Few Useful Apps, Calling It “Geek Week”

Love it or hate the Amazon Appstore has some incredible deals. From their discount prices to their Free App A Day program, you can’t go wrong. Amazon has launched a new promotion called “Geek Week”, in which they have discounted a few useful apps for the above average Android user.

The apps are a mix of both tools and utilities and are as followed:

  • Easy Tether for $4.99 (normally $9.99)
  • Root Explorer for $0.99 (normally $3.99)
  • WidgetLocker for $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • Wave Launcher for $0.99 (normally $1.99)
  • SetCPU for $0.99 (normally $2)
  • RepliGo Reader for $1.99 (normally $4.99)
  • Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client for $12.99 (normally $24.95)
  • BackupEverything for $0.99 (normally $1.99)

I’ve used Wave Launcher and would recommend it (it was free a few months ago). As for the essentials, I would say both Root Explorer and SetCPU are a must have for any rooted user. Easy Tether could be useful for users who aren’t rooted and are looking to tether their phone to other devices.

To take advantage of these deals, hit up for Amazon Appstore on your phone or tablet.

Via: AndroidPolice

Verizon to Re-Launch Android Appstore, Wait Why?

According to reports this morning, Verizon is preparing to re-launch their Verizon Appstore after it struggled to gain any momentum when it initially went live.  Currently known as VCAST Apps, the new store that will launch as early as today, will carry the name “Verizon Apps.”  It may launch on “DROID” phones first, but details are not available just yet as to how that will happen.  It will more than likely sneak its way into new updates for phones so that the VCAST store (which is a system app) can be removed.

No details were given as to what differences we will see, but we aren’t sure if it even matters if they make changes at this point.  Why would anyone want to use the Verizon Appstore other than for the fact that they can bill directly to their account?  The app selection is horrible.  The app itself is buggy, slow and not-so-user-friendly.  If anyone wants to use something other than the Android Market, we already have GetJar and Amazon.  Do we really need a fourth player?  If you ask me, I’d say dump it and add carrier billing to the real market just like every other carrier is doing.  /end rant.

Hoping to hear more today…I’m sure you all can’t wait!

Via:  CNN

Cheers Heath and Pops!

About that ‘Amazon Appstore is Rotten to the Core’ Story…

As our inbox indicates, many of you have read the story from Shifty Jelly (SJ) about their rotten experience with the Amazon Appstore and how they feel completely ripped off after joining the Free App of the Day program.  If you haven’t, I’ll try and recap in the briefest of ways.  (I tried to make it brief, but it’s turned into a book.)

Shift Jelly decided to inquire about Amazon’s Free App of the Day program, hoping to launch their app into the spotlight.  When they heard back from Amazon, everything was lining up, except for a single line in a return email that made it more-than-clear that they would not be receiving any money on the day that their app was featured as free.  In fact, in bold it said, “The current price of this placement is at 0% rev share for that one day you are placed.”  So for that one day, Shift Jelly’s app would not make any money no matter how many copies were downloaded.  You all with me?

Wondering why they would not receive the 20% that was included in the original developer agreement, SJ responded back asking to receive what they had originally agreed to.  Amazon fired back saying that since they would not receive money, neither would SJ, but that with the “highly valuable” front page placement for the following 14 days, they would certainly make a ton of money.

So to recap quickly, we have the following:   1.  Amazon told them in bold (more than once) that they would receive nothing.  2.  SJ asked for 20% and Amazon responded again telling them that they would receive nothing except prime placement on their front page for 14 days.

What did SJ decide?  To go forward with it, knowing that they would make nothing on the day that their app was free.   (more…)

Amazon Appstore Receives Update to Version 1.08

An update to the Amazon Appstore just went live, and it doesn’t appear to be all that pretty.  Once you are pinged through your notification bar to update, you’ll be asked to replace your old Appstore with the new one bringing you up to version 1.08 which you can see in the screenshot below.  When I call it unpretty though, I mean that it appears to break almost all of the images that belong to apps.  App installing still works, but damn is this thing ugly with all of these “No Image Available” placeholders.  And still no word on what this update includes, but it doesn’t look to be anything major.

Update:  Non-updated markets are also seeing broken images.  What up, Amazon?

Update 2: I guess this is the second update. Whoops!    (more…)