App Roundup: Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper, RemoteDroid, Drop Block

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper (Free and $0.99):  This weeks live wallpaper is a new submission to the market.  I came across it and simply loved the way it looked.  It gives you a pseudo-realistic lightning storm that travels as you move screens.  The donation version allows you to change the colors and some other settings such as cloud density and number of strikes.  This live wallpaper has a lot of potential and this is a strong showing for a brand new submission.  Recommended for higher end/overclocked devices.

RemoteDroid (Free):  Ever have a feeling while sitting at your computer such as, “Man, I really enjoy my mouse and my phone, but I am simply too lazy to hold both or swap back and forth between the two.”?  I have, and that is why RemoteDroid is the perfect app for me.  It allows me to not only integrate my phone with my computer, it also allows me to be lazy.  RemoteDroid turns your Droid into a multitouch mouse pad that uses your homes wireless network to communicate with your computer.  Simply download the app, download the Java application to your computer and cruise on in to the easy life.  This app is also great for messing with your girlfriends computer from across the room!


App Roundup: Virtual World Live Wallpaper, No Lock, Mangler

Virtual World Live Wallpaper (Free):  I was digging pretty deep and by now you all know I like to find free stuff to share.  This wallpaper delivers.  Virtual World creates an 3D landscape as your background that moves according to your compass or according to the tilt of your phone.  It travels as you switch screens and generally just looks awesome.  You can customize the level of detail from low to ultra high, and the various shadings, etc.  Maxed out settings make my Droid X kind of cower in fear, however this app was designed with a 2.2 device in mind.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!

No Lock (Free): Do you hate that you have to slide to unlock your phone constantly?  Wish you had nothing to hinder your progress when trying to download that new (insert Emo band here) album from Amazon?  Then guess what this app/widget does!  No Lock is a super stable, super easy, super effective way to get rid of your on screen lock/slider.  This is a no nonsense app that I can really appreciate.

Mangler (Free):  If you are like me and sit around at your computer day in and day out playing with cell phones, you also likely play video games.  It could be assumed you also talk to random people on Ventrillo servers.  Well my friends, I have found a way to break away from the screen and still talk about Icecrown Citadel in real time!  Mangler is an in-phone Ventrillo client that lets you access all the features of Vent.  Walk out into the sunshine knowing that you can now be yelled at by your raid leader even when you are out buying toilet paper.  The features are no filler and simple to use.  Chat and push button talk are both available.

State Farm Pocket Agent (Free):  This is a bit of a departure from the norm, but I feel this app is pretty neat.  Pocket Agent allows you to input your account information from State Farm Insurance and a real time look at your policy no matter where you are.  You can even pay your bill from your phone with the integrated payment feature.  There is also a way to view your insurance card should you get in an accident and cannot find your information in that nasty glove box of yours.  What I found to be the nicest feature however is the ability to record an auto claim, right from the app.  Pocket Agent even finds you repair facilities near you should you need it.

Cestos (Free):  Cestos is a simple game that is played over 3G with an opponent.  The object is to knock his balls into the hole or off the playing field in one of several maps.  The app is straight forward and is much more difficult the more you play and think about it.  There is a lobby for chatting and real time smack talk.  This game is a great way to kill some time, or get abused by teenagers.  Cross platform play with that other phone that we don’t talk about here is coming soon.

Shinobi Barrage (Free):  Do you like shoot ’em up games?  Of course you do.  Shinobi Barrage is a great example of a classic shoot ’em up.  The difficulty curve is amazingly rough, however.  I went from Easy directly to Hard and was startled at the difference.  This game is more about your ability to react than your ability to shoot things.  A friendly interface and intuitive controls make it a pleasure to play.

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Weekly App Roundup: Launch-X, MultiTask Manager, FlightView

Launch-X (Free and $1.28): Launch-X is a customizable widget for your device.  It allows the user to create their own widget with direct links to applications or contacts for direct calls and more.  You can change the design of the widget to accommodate up to 49 shortcuts in one widget on the pro version.  This app uses a widget that allows scrolling and smaller icons to save you space.  Are you too afraid to use a home replacement or root?  Launch-X can give you some of that sweet screen real estate you have been yearning to get back!

MultiTask Manager (Free):  This task manager takes on a slightly different approach to ATK.  Clicking on MTM enables a task bar to come up on top of your home screen.  This looks much like an iOS / Windows bar with applications on it.  You can click the icons to go to the application or long press to kill them.  Definitely good for those who converted from a WinMo phone to our beloved Droid!

PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper ($1.98):  PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper is a truly interesting experience.  It takes images on your phone and allows you to set them as an interactive wallpaper in a fully 3D view.  As you scroll, or move, or touch, the wallpaper moves in that direction showing you the completely panoramic image.  Thousands of images are available here. To fully explain just what I mean, I am including the video sent by the creator himself!  Enjoy!


FlightView (Free and $0.99):  FlightView is something I wish I had a week ago.  This app lets you track flights as they are in the air in real time on your phone.  No more sifting through crummy airline websites.  No more guessing when it is your Step Mother will show her ugly face in the terminal.  FlightView lets you see current weather conditions as well as real time flight times… even when you are sitting at Newark Airport for a half hour because your sister’s flight from Germany ran late coming out of Sweden and you have no A/C in your car and would have left a half hour later if only you had known it was going to be late.  Enjoy!

Edwin, Speech to Speech (Free):  Edwin offers a pretty simple concept.  Press the microphone and ask it to do something.  I asked Edwin to translate “My cat has a nasty looking face.” into French.  I asked it what the weather was.  I asked it to open Pandora.  All these things with just the push of a button.  I can see that this may be something very useful while driving as well as a fun novelty.  The vocabulary is expanding constantly and this app gets better and better the more you play with it!

Red Poker Club (Free):  Now, if you are like my friends, you have a serious gambling addiction.  Red Poker Club offers a real time, real person video poker experience on your Droid.  You can pick the size table you want to play at as well as what kind of blinds you want to start out with.  There is a chat function and the entire thing can be played on 3G!  You get more chips daily so you can always at least play a smaller ante game.  Skill levels are monitored as well so you know where you stand at a table.  So if you can’t manage to make it out to The Bethlehem Sands this evening, try out Red Poker Club!

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Weekly App Roundup: Tricorder, XDA, AstroCommander

Tricorder: (Free)  Do you have a serious Star Trek issue?  If so, you probably already know about this interesting app.  For the rest of us, Tricorder is simply the geekiest and possibly most creative use of your Droid.  Tricorder is a fully functioning app that replicates the Tricorder used in Star Trek: TNG.  It offers readings such as magnetic fields, Sunspots, decibels, a compass and more!  So if you are a true Trekkie or just want to annoy your loved ones with various beeps and whistles, give Tricorder a try!

Memory Booster: (Lite and $2.99)  Memory Booster offers a memory optimization app with a bit of graphical flair.  The light version allows you to do a quick boost and shows exactly how much memory is being used and freed.  The paid version allows you to set a threshold for the program to automatically kill tasks and boost the memory when it hits a certain percentage you decide.  Paid version also offers an “Ultimate Boost”.

AstroCommander: (Free) AstroCommander is reminded me of why I always liked Missile Command and then told me they could make it look awesome too.  This game is a step up from the traditional point and shoot planetary defense game.  With good graphics and an upgrade system, it makes this mindless alien and asteroid destroying mission pretty entertaining.  Also… the price tag doesn’t hurt!

DockRunner: (Free) While I am sure you have seen us talk about multimedia dock applications before, I am fairly sure we have not found one that is FREE.  DockRunner is simple to use and very to the point.  Run the app to turn on your docking mode and then run it again/click the notification panel to turn it off.  DockRunner enables all of the features as if you had your Droid in the dock!  While I am sure you may figure it out by the picture on the app itself, this is DROID ONLY!

XDA: (Free)  XDA-Developers has put together a mobile app for access to their forums!  The categories are well broken down and it allows you to access and post on the site with your log in.  Show some love for our favorite developers as they keep us in the loop with Roms and so much more!

Bluetooth File Transfer: (Free)  I used this program the other day to transfer Quake 3 to a friend with an HTC Aria.  This program pings and finds Bluetooth enabled devices and then allows file transfers between them.  Codes are displayed on each device to make sure you don’t accidentally send those nasty pictures of your girlfriend to some guy on the subway!  Fast and easy to use.

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Friday App Roundup: XBMC Remote, On My Way, Shapewriter

A new feature with one purpose, to spread some application love.  The Android Market is growing exponentially and what better way to help that continue than by supplying you with a weekly roundup of the apps which land in our inbox.  Mostly new, some old, all Android.

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LinkPushThe wait for 2.2 is a long and difficult road, but we’ve found a way to emulate the push-to-Android functionality in 2.1! We’ve written about this app before, but it couldn’t hurt to give everyone a quick link. Push URLs from Chrome to your phone using this app and the associated Chrome extension!

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On My Way – I love this concept. OMW generates a URL to send to your friends, which in turn lets them view in real time where you are using GPS. Perfect for those not quite trusting of their potentially unfaithful lovers, and those who hate that awkward waiting time between when friends say they’re getting in the car and when they actually show up.

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TiKL – Weird acronym aside, TiKL looks to turn your phone into a Push To Talk Walkie Talkie; apparently, all you need is your friends’ user number to make it work, and it claims to not incur voice or text fees. I’m skeptical to how it works, but it might be worth a look.

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XBMC Remote – For all you people with Xbox Media Centre installed on your modded console or PC, XMBC Remote gives your phone the ability to manipulate the program. This is great for those people who want a cheap remote, or one that won’t get lost between the couch cushions. Works on wifi, so you’ll be able to channel change from across the house, as long as you’re on the same network as your XMBC box.

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Shapewriter – For those who didn’t get into the Swype beta, Shapewriter is a similar system that uses dragging gestures on a keyboard to type out words. I’ve tried Shapewriter before, and I can say I wasn’t impressed; it just doesn’t seem to work as well as Swype; the controls are less intuitive, and the dictionary doesn’t seem to be as refined. There also isn’t a robust tutorial like Swype, which contributed to some confusion as I tried to make the switch, and thought some controls would carry over. Give it a try if you haven’t tried Swype.

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Tedd’s Droid Tools – Interestingly enough, the app’s name is a bit misleading: it only has one “tool” at the moment, which is the ability to answer phone calls without pressing an on-screen button. This, as the app description says, is useful for phones (like our Droids) which don’t have dedicated “answer call” buttons. I’ll be definitely will be giving this one a try, but I don’t get calls all that often.

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