Hangouts on iOS Just Got Updated to V4.0 – Bring on the Android Version (Updated)

A couple of weeks ago, we saw Hangouts version 4.0 leak for Android as a completely revamped application in terms of user experience. We still haven’t seen the update arrive on our favorite mobile platform, but it did hit iOS this afternoon. Actually, v4.0 that looks almost identical to that Android leak showed up on our iPhone 6, giving us all sorts of hope that the Android version isn’t far behind.

Below, you will see a series of screenshots from the application that should look quite familiar if you saw that v4.0 leak for Android.  (more…)

Why is Android Still the Second Platform Developers Work On?

Every year we see the same promise: this is the year that Android-first development will become a reality. At the same time we see big companies like Instagram repeatedly introduce new apps that are iOS-only. Android has been able to tout more market share than iOS for quite some time, but that doesn’t seem to have translated into app developers releasing Android apps at the same time as their iOS counterparts, much less Android-first. Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking with developers and researching why this is still the case.

Apple’s iOS 9 Feature Announcements – Raising the Bar or Playing Catch-Up?

Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday morning included loads of announcements involving the new versions of OS X, iOS, and the Apple Watch’s watchOS. Over the last couple of years as Apple has updated its platforms, you tend to see Android enthusiasts giggle and roll their eyes at the features Apple shows off, because Apple talks about everything they make as if it were truly revolutionary or something no one else in the tech space had done before.

With the unveiling of iOS 9, we witnessed the same song and dance, except Apple seems to be a lot more self-aware these days. They make fun of themselves more than ever, while also trying to improve their products without all the excessive ego and grandstanding as if they were first. And don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of ego, it just seems to have toned down within the last year. Or maybe it’s because Phil Schiller didn’t take the stage yesterday. Whatever it is, Apple has become somewhat less obnoxious.

All of that aside, Apple did talk through a bunch of new features for iOS 9. Some of it was new. Plenty of it was stuff you have seen before. So let’s talk about it and see if any of it matters to you and I, the Android user.  (more…)

Monday Poll: Android Fans – Are You Considering a Switch to Apple Music?

Apple Music is official and coming to Android. For die-hard Android users like those who hang out here at DL all day, every day, you are for the first time, going to have a choice of a new service that involves Apple that won’t force you to leave Android. That’s kind of nuts if you think about it.

So here is the question – are you now considering a switch to Apple Music when it launches this Fall? Some of you may be asking back, “Why would we do that?” For a couple of a reasons. If you look at the entire service, Apple Music may not be all that terrible, other than the fact that it’s Apple who is controlling it.

For example, the music library that Apple has access to is easily the best in the business. From exclusive albums or tracks to early pre-orders and releases, no one has as many as Apple. No one gets everything first, like Apple does. Beyond that, Apple is allowing you to sign-up up to six members of your family with Apple Music for just $14.99. Individual subscriptions at almost every other music service will run you $9.99. Apple’s is also $9.99 individually, but think how much money you will save by letting the whole family in for a total of $14.99? And that way, you don’t have to share your Google account between devices, like my wife and I do to both access our Google Music subscription. Finally, if you look at that screenshot, Apple seems to have followed Android’s app design guidelines as well. This doesn’t just seem like an iOS port – they may have actually cared about the experience.

Tell us, are you considering the switch toe Apple Music? If so, why?

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Can We Get a Better Digital Assistant Without Violating Our Privacy? [Opinion]

AI, or artificial intelligence, is an old idea, but it’s still probably the most important technological leap that we’ve yet to make. We’ve been inching closer with things like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, but we are still so far away. As we inch closer, though, there’s an implementation battle happening. The question we have been asking for the past few years is whether Google will get better at design faster than Apple will get better at web services. I think the new question we need to wrestle with is, can Apple make better apps and services without violating our privacy faster than Google can do so by hoarding all of our information and possibly violating our privacy?

Apple Music is Coming to Android This Fall

Apple’s WWDC kicked off today (our live blog has been touching) and outside of the typical Android jabs that accompany their keynotes, they also announced something that Android users can actually use. Apple Music, the company’s new music service, is coming to Android. Seriously, it’ll be here this Fall.

The service launches globally on June 30, but again, not on Android. The initial rollout will be on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and PC, with Apple TV and Android getting access later on.

As for pricing, you are looking at $9.99 per month, or you can do a family plan that gives you service for up to six family members for just $14.99 per month. Apple will offer a free 3-month trial when the service first launches. (more…)

WWDC 2015 Live Blog! Incredible. Beautiful. Fantastic. Great. Amazing.

Apple’S WWDC 2015 is happening this morning, in case you didn’t already know. WWDC doesn’t stand for “What Would (Jesus) Do (in) Charades” or “Willy Wonka Dots Candy” or “Where’s Waldo, Dammit, Come’on!” It stands for “Worldwide Developer Conference.” Forget the fact that Apple is using two Ws out of Worldwide, which is one word, and focus on the fact that we shall once again live blog the hell out of the happenings. Yes! Another DL Apple live blog is upon us.

I don’t need to explain why we cover these events, do I? Good.

So what is Apple going to call amazing, great, beautiful (x100), extraordinary, phenomenal, wonderful, gorgeous (x5), magnificent, exciting, amazingly remarkable, incredible (x26), advanced, and magical, this time around?  (more…)