Why the Nike Fuelband SE Experience Sucks Without an Android App

Last month, Nike introduced the world to its new fitness band, the FuelBand SE, as a follow-up to its original wearable activity tracker. I was excited at the time even though the story of the original FuelBand in relation to Android users is not a pretty one, to say the least. With the introduction of the newest version and its brand new feature-packed iOS app, I had high hopes of Nike seeing the light or at least recognizing that Android is the most popular and widespread mobile operating system on the planet. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to care because Android manufacturers aren’t Apple. I didn’t make that up, their VP of  Digital Sport actually said that. So once again, there is no Android experience for the Nike FuelBand SE, only a web portal that fails to provide access to any of the new useful features that are included in the iOS app.

But you know what, I still bought the damn thing.  (more…)

If Steve Wozniak Was In Charge of Apple, They Would Be Partners With Google


Ah, good old Steve Wozniak. One of the original co-founders of Apple, he loves to run around and be quoted not just on Apple matters, but Android as well. We know that he hated his HTC Thunderbolt and has surprisingly anti-patent war views on the fight going on between everyone in the mobile industry. None of his earlier statements compare to his latest, captured in a BBC interview, that say the relationship between Apple and Google would be a lot more friendly if he were CEO.  (more…)

PW3: Patent War 3 is Upon Us, “Rockstar” Consortium Sues Google and Android

google logo galaxy nexus

We all thought it was over, thought we were past it, but we were oh so wrong. The patent wars have returned in full force and this time the patent trolls are more well equipped than they ever have been before. After Nortel went bankrupt in 2009, their patent portfolio of over 6,000 patents went up for sale to the highest bidder in 2011. That bidder was the “Rockstar Consortium” which is made up by Apple, Microsoft, RIM, Ericsson and Sony. This group of companies has officially filed suit against Google and a host of companies that manufacture Android devices. This is a patent war.  (more…)

Spec Comparison: Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy Note 3 vs. Moto X and More

nexus 5 official

Whenever a new flagship phone from almost anyone is announced, we try to toss together a quick spec comparison sheet of it versus the competition, so that you can see what we’re working with. Since the Nexus 5 is most definitely in “flagship” territory – it’s Google’s only phone after all – then we thought it was time.

So here is how the new Nexus 5 compares to the iPhone 5S, Galaxy Note 3, Moto X, G2, and more in terms of specs.  (more…)

Nike on Why No Android Love for Fuelband: Lack of Bluetooth LE Support, Too Many Devices, Not Apple


I think it’s safe to say that our level of disappointment and frustration peaked after Nike unveiled their newest Fuelband a few weeks back and failed once again to deliver any sort of Android support. This has been a painful journey for those of us who adopted the wearable early, yet continue to use the most popular mobile OS on the planet. Shortly after the original was introduced in 2012, we were told for months that Android support was coming. Eventually, Nike backed away from that stance and has since only said that they are focusing on iOS. The same brief reasoning was given with the new Fuelband SE at its unveiling, however, Pocket-Lint was able to get a few extra details out of Nike VP Stefan Olander.  (more…)

Samsung Shipped 130.1 Million Phones Last Quarter – Beat Apple, LG, and Nokia Combined

samsung logo

Whether you hate it or love it, Samsung has pretty much single-handedly grown Android by an immense amount over the last couple of years. Before the Galaxy S2 and Note line came along, Samsung was just like any other OEM, carrying on much like Motorola and LG, with Apple way out in front in terms of global marketshare. There was simply nothing to compete against the giant. Jump to Q3 of 2013, and Samsung has shipped 130.1 million devices in a single quarter, beating out phone manufacturers like Apple, Nokia, and LG combined. Yes, combined.  (more…)

Live Chat: Apple’s iPad Event!


If you are in the loop, then you will already know that it is officially “new iPad” day for Apple. At 10AM, the company will unveil its latest slates to take them into the colder months, and we shall how they stack up to Android’s finest tablet offerings. You can plan on seeing all of your favorite Apple executives, throwing out big words like “extraordinary” and “gorgeous.” Should be a pretty good time.

Let’s have fun and live blog it. Won’t you join us below?  (more…)

Motorola Launches Migration Tool for iOS Users Buying a Moto X on MotoMaker


For any iOS users that are currently looking to pick up a Moto X through MotoMaker, Motorola released a tool this week that should make the data migrating process extremely simple. If your life’s work, such as all of your contacts and important meetings, are stored in iCloud, you can migrate all of that over right through MotoMaker. As soon as you purchase your new device, you will be prompted to migrate data from your iPhone. To do so, just throw in your Apple ID and password, and let the process begin.  (more…)