Live Chat: Apple Watch Event!

I probably don’t need to keep explaining this each time we cover an Apple event, but this is the internet and the people taking up its space, particularly those on Twitter who use hashtags like #salty and #bitter and #jealous, never cease to amaze me. So, it’s Apple Watch day! And yes, we are doing our typical Apple event live chat, because well, it’s fun. The internet shuts down during Apple events, so why not join in on the festivities even if we are an Android-related news outlet? Seriously, that’s the thought here. That’s it. It’s fun.

OK, that was partially a lie. Outside of the fun (but still related to the fun), Apple is an easy target to lob right hooks at because they say really, really serious things with the straightest of faces that are hilarious to actual humans. They also don’t think there is a world outside of their products or product categories, which brings great joy to our lives as snarky, tech pundits. Just ask Tim Cook about smartwatches. You can’t make this stuff up, and we appreciate that. Keep being you, Tim and friends.  (more…)

Smartwatch Invention Upon Invention Coming March 9 From Apple

Apple just sent out invites to its hand-selected, Apple-friendly press for a “Spring forward” event that will take place on March 9 in San Francisco. The Apple Watch will more than likely be shown in finished form. Expect inventions, as always. Things like notifications on a watch, AMOLED displays that only light up select pixels and create richer, deeper blacks, and using your voice to dictate messages on your wrist will all be shown off for the first time in the history of the world, beautifully, unapologetically.  (more…)

Report: Google to Revive Wallet, Partner With Carriers to Compete Against Apple Pay

A report from the Wall Street Journal claims Google is looking to revamp Google Wallet this year, making it a true competitor to Apple Pay. In order to do so, Google will go to great lengths, even offering US carriers a portion of revenue from mobile advertising in exchange for featuring the payment method prominently on all Android devices sold.  (more…)

Jony Ive Thinks Moto Maker is Cop Out for Hardware Designers, Motorola Fires Back

No one around here has ever questioned Jony Ive’s ability to make something look nice. Sure, iOS is filled with rainbow colors and semi-transparent shading up the yin yang, but the dude knows design.

In a recent interview with The New Yorker, however, Jony had choice words for an unnamed company which allows users to design their own phone using a website, that company of course being Motorola and its Moto Maker site. On Moto Maker, users are allowed to choose colors and even materials used on the backside of a device, as well as the volume buttons and metal accents. The overall shape and design of the phone, though, remains intact.  (more…)

This is How Tim Cook’s Embarrassing Apple Watch Chat Went Down Today

You know why we spend so much time talking sh*t about Apple? It’s not because of the products they make. Nope, that’s not the reason. I think most reasonable human beings can admit that Apple makes really nice stuff (I personally own plenty of their products). The reason we take constant jabs at Apple and put up posts like this is because of the attitude, the arrogance, and sheer stupidity with which they speak in public, whether that be at their own press events or when doing interviews at conferences, just like the one Tim Cook sat down for today with Goldman Sachs.  (more…)

Apple Plans to Launch New Music Service on Android, Give Users a Taste of Apple Software

According to sources of 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is to launch a new music service loosely based on the current Beats Music app already available on Android. Yet to be officially named, the plans were disclosed by those in the music industry and internally at Apple, possibly making it Apple’s first true application offering for those of us on Android.  (more…)

Apple Watch, With Its Unattractive Square Design and Average Battery Life, Ships in April

Am I trolling with that title? A little. Just keep in mind that I’m not the one who called the Apple Watch ugly or said it should be round or who wouldn’t give Apple fans hope of it lasting more than a day on a single charge. Nope, not me.

But because the world will forget about all of that once it launches thanks to their consumption of freshly brewed Infinite Loop IPA, we thought we should point out that smartwatch re-invention is happening in April, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. The Apple Watch ships in April. In April!

Your Nexus 6 Dimple Should Have Been a Fingerprint Scanner, Isn’t Because of Apple

Former Motorola CEO and current Dropbox COO Dennis Woodside sat down recently for a brief chat with The Telegraph to discuss his current role, but also make a comment about the Nexus 6 that may interest a number of you. Woodside’s comment refers specifically to the dimple on the back of the phone, a dimple that was originally supposed to add functionality to the device like many had speculated, only never ended up there because of Apple.  (more…)