Samsung Exec Promises 64-bit Architecture in Upcoming Phones

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One of the more interesting announcements to come out of the iPhone debut earlier this week was that Apple has put the work in to make sure their upcoming flagships would be on the 64-bit standard. True to form, we saw the rest of the mobile industry reacting to what Apple has done with Samsung as no exception. Co-CEO for Samsung, Shin Jong-Kyun, has been quoted as saying that Samsung would join in on the 64-bit architecture in their upcoming phones.  (more…)

Spec Comparison: iPhone 5s/5c vs. Galaxy Note 3 vs. Moto X vs. Galaxy S4 vs. More

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The Apple announcements are in, and we have a new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c to swoosh around our brains like Drano. I think you can probably imagine how we feel about each, especially if you joined us during our live blog, so this is the technical comparison. We’ve got the specs of each pulled directly from Apple’s site, compared to the leading Android devices of the moment. A few things were missing, like RAM and battery capacity, but we’ll likely see those before long and will try to update.

Until then, jump below to take it all in.  (more…)

Phil Schiller Says New iPhone 5C is “Android-free” – You Damn Right It is.

phil schiller

Oh that Phil Schiller – the mouth of Apple – still can’t seem to get over Android’s success. On stage this afternoon, Schiller managed to sneak in what he believed to be a dig at our favorite mobile OS as he talked about the environmental friendliness of his company’s new plastic iPhone 5C and its accompanying cases. He talked about it meeting environmentally happy means, saying that it was “Arsenic-free, mercury-free, and…Android-free.” Good one! Belly buster. Mic dropper. Walk-off…bunt.  (more…)

Live Blog: Apple’s iPhone 5S Event!

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Yes, dear friends, the day has come. It’s time to revolutionize something, probably fonts on a phone that was released last year which now has a fingerprint scanner and a champagne finish. It’s iPhone 5S day. At 10:00AM Pacific, our favorite Apple execs with limited descriptive dictionaries will take the stage, use bold white lettering with numbers that only they understand, because they are in categories that only they have deemed important. They’ll take shots, but so will we. They’ll invent this and that, while forgetting that most of us have been doing this and that for ages. I cannot wait.

Let’s live blog this piece. Join us below.  (more…)

New iPhone Arrives September 10

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Because we like to keep tabs on the other side of the mobile industry that competes directly with Android, we thought you’d all like to know that Apple has set the date for the unveiling of the next iPhone, likely dubbed the iPhone 5S. September 10 is the day.  (more…)

Why I Use an iPhone [Opinion]

iOS and Android

Last week in my opinion piece about why I think Android users should consider the Moto X I opened up the article with an admission: I currently use an iPhone 4S and I plan on getting the next iPhone. This wasn’t supposed to be a secret (if you follow me on Twitter then you would have noticed that I use iOS most of the time). On the Droid Life Show I have shown my iPhone and discussed using my iPad. That said, I know that a lot of readers did not know, and more importantly, were surprised or upset to read that I use an iPhone. Below you’ll read my responses to questions I have received about why I use iOS, when I made the transition, and why it matters. If you have follow up questions or comments then feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter.


Samsung Ships 72.4 Million Smartphones During Q2, Holds 30.4% of Global Market Share

Samsung Galaxy S4

Global sales of smartphones for the second quarter of 2013 have been calculated by research group IDC, showing some big numbers for Samsung in the newest report. During Q2 of this year alone, OEMs shipped a combined 237.9 million smartphone, a 52.3% year-over-year growth, which is the highest annual growth rate the firm has seen in five quarters.  (more…)

Control Center App Brings the Look of iOS 7 to Your Android Device

Control Center

We don’t want to get into the argument of which OS is better, which one looks cooler or anything like that. People like what they like. And you know what, we like the look of iOS7′s Control Center. While the basic idea of having system toggles and controls have been a part of Android for some time, the way Apple implemented it looks pretty nice. An Android developer decided to bring Control Center to Android and it works wonderfully.  (more…)