Apple Watch Unboxing, First Impressions and More

We have an Apple Watch in house. Yes, yes we do. Why? Because you should know your competition. If we are going to have an opinion on the Apple Watch, we should actually spend some time with one in order to form that opinion, not just get there by reading other reviews or listening to Apple’s pitch. So like with the iPhone 6, where Apple admitted that big phones were awesome, we are going to take the Apple Watch for a spin, potentially review it, and then move on. But the goal, as I just stated, is simply to familiarize ourselves with Apple’s take on a watch platform.  (more…)

Be Gone Peeing Bugdroid! Google Apologizes for This Morning’s Maps Fun

The peeing party is over. Google has apologized for this morning’s Google Maps action that involved their Android mascot relieving itself on the Apple logo. According to a statement released to the Washington Post, Google is “sorry for the inappropriate user-created content” found on Maps, which is them referencing a user submitted change to Google Maps via Map Maker. The search giant will learn from whoopsies like these and continue to “constantly” improve the way they “detect, prevent and handle bad edits.”  (more…)

Galaxy S6 Edge Costs More to Build Than the iPhone 6 Plus

According to research firm IHS, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge costs more to make than the iPhone 6 Plus, yet Samsung sells it for slightly less. A breakdown of the phone’s bill of materials reveals that it could cost Samsung around $290 to build a 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge, whereas the iPhone 6 Plus tops out at around $263 for the 128GB model. At full retail, the price of a 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge runs as low as $799; the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus starts at $849.

Of course, this is the standard speculative report that IHS puts out for every phone, many of which are denied by phone manufacturers. The cost could officially be less or more, for all we know.  (more…)

A Quick Recap of the Apple Watch Event, Which Could Cost You $17,000

Apple’s “Spring Forward” event is now complete, which means our lives lost an hour and a half that they will never forgive us for. During the event, Apple talked about opening a new store in China, how many iPhones it sold in the last quarter, a bunch of health-related things that are probably really important, and even managed to show off a shiny new Macbook, which costs $1300 and is powered by a smartphone processor. Hey, it comes in gold, sooooo, that’s a win, no?

But the star of the show, and the reason we even bothered to tune in, was to see how smartwatch reinvention would take place. Well, they previously reinvented the notebook earlier in the show, so this was more like straight up invention.

This is how it all went down.  (more…)

Live Chat: Apple Watch Event!

I probably don’t need to keep explaining this each time we cover an Apple event, but this is the internet and the people taking up its space, particularly those on Twitter who use hashtags like #salty and #bitter and #jealous, never cease to amaze me. So, it’s Apple Watch day! And yes, we are doing our typical Apple event live chat, because well, it’s fun. The internet shuts down during Apple events, so why not join in on the festivities even if we are an Android-related news outlet? Seriously, that’s the thought here. That’s it. It’s fun.

OK, that was partially a lie. Outside of the fun (but still related to the fun), Apple is an easy target to lob right hooks at because they say really, really serious things with the straightest of faces that are hilarious to actual humans. They also don’t think there is a world outside of their products or product categories, which brings great joy to our lives as snarky, tech pundits. Just ask Tim Cook about smartwatches. You can’t make this stuff up, and we appreciate that. Keep being you, Tim and friends.  (more…)