Tuesday App Sales: Human Anatomy Atlas, Kasperky Mobile Security, Tapatalk 4

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Today, there are new apps on sale that could benefit your device, especially for those that like to keep a watchful eye on their phones. Kaspersky is currently holding a sale on their phone and tablet security apps, which will allow for tracking and remote wiping of your device should it be lost or stolen. I should mention that Google offers a solution for this called Android Device Manager for free, but the choice is all yours. For the golfers among us, there is a caddie app, which should help you around the course if you need. Tapatalk 4 is also on sale for a limited time.

Go give the apps a look in Google Play by following the links.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: HD Widgets, 10000000, Sprinkle, Combo Crew and More

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Friday means it’s time for us to find some sweet apps to keep us busy with over the weekend. Today, there appears to be no shortage of good titles to choose from, including some games/apps that we have talked about plenty of times. There is the pro version of Beautiful Widgets, as well as HD Widgets, another exceptional widget app for Android.

For games, there is Reckless Raving 2, 10000000, Sprinkle and Anomaly Korea. All good games that should keep you very happy.  (more…)

App Sales: Granny Smith, R-Type, Another World, Raiden Legacy and More

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Here are a few app sales taking place to get you through the day. And seriously, if you have yet to buy and try out Granny Smith, you’re doing it wrong. Another World, a game which is praised for its storyline and gameplay can easily keep you busy until the weekend. To top it off, if you enjoy the superhero stuff, go get on that Avengers Initiative game. It’s solid.  (more…)

Wednesday App Sales: Alien Breed, Rayman Jungle Run, Final Fantasy III, and More

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Browsing through the App Sales app, there seems to be a great list of games on sale today, so we figured we should spread the word on what you should check out. Most of these games we have talked about, so there should be a small sense of familiarity, but if not, you can rest assured that a few of these games are top notch and will lead to hours of fun.

We have written up Alien Breed, a birds-eye game where killing xenomorph-like creatures is your job, plus there is Rayman Jungle Run, which is a classic in its own right. If you have the time and a few dollars to spend, go check them out.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Wipeout, IM+ Pro, Robird Twitter Client, and More

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It’s finally Friday, but that means you will need something to keep you busy this weekend while we are out doing other things besides bringing you the latest and greatest Android news. Why not some games and apps to fill up your time? For a limited time, you can pick up a few apps that we have discussed before or try some new apps we have never heard of.

You can grab Carmageddon for free which we have been hypebeasting or you can pick up Robird, a new Twtter client that looks pretty nice. Also, I highly recommend the Liquid Cloud live wallpaper which I wrote up earlier this week. It’s great. Either way, you can’t go wrong with app sales.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Real Boxing, Perfectly Clear, Redneck Revenge, and More

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With the weekend coming up, it’s time to start prepping and get some new games and apps on your device to keep you busy. If a new game is what you are looking for, check out the epic title, Real Boxing. With extremely detailed graphics and sound clips that would make anyone squint, it’s certainly worth the dollar. As for utility apps, Perfectly Clear is a good choice if you enjoy tweaking with your on-device photos, an easily justifiable $1.50.  (more…)

Google Play Turns 1, Celebrates With a Bunch of Gifts for You

happy birthday

Google Play is celebrating its first birthday today (or maybe tomorrow), so that can only mean one thing – deals, deals and more deals. In a newly launched landing page created for the occasion, you’ll find discounts on hotels, gift cards, new playable characters in games, free music, movies and TV shows. We’re seeing some Kung Fu Panda and Breaking Bad action, along with music from The Velvet Underground.

It’s hard to imagine that Google Play has been around for a full year already. It seems like just yesterday that we were discussing whether or not this change from “Android Market” to “Google Play” was a good or bad thing. Most of you said, “Meh, I’ll deal with it.” Clearly, we all survived.

Go get some.

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