AOKP Gives State of the Union, Official Jelly Bean Build Coming ‘Soon’

Things have been a little quiet on the AOKP front, but yesterday the group took to Google+ to assure their fans that they have not disappeared and that things were coming on the horizon. First things first, the team addressed the issue of their next official build of AOKP, based on Jelly Bean:

First, a ‘build’ is coming.  We’re getting very close to an official, non-nightly JB build.  Just throwing that out there with no ETA to let you know that it is a real thing that will happen, pretty soon.

“Pretty soon” sounds good to us, so we will sit tight and wait using their nightlies until things get more official. Secondly, the team announced a new IRC channel, #aokp-support, for any problems that you may have with the ROM. Even better still, the AOKP team says that there is a reworking of their website underway. It is promised to make the whole experience better and more streamlined.

Lastly, there is a call for device maintainers after their new build comes out. If you’re a developer looking to get in on the AOKP team and help to maintain and code for a certain device, the team has a checklist of what you need in their post.

Are you still running AOKP or have you moved on to another ROM for your daily driver?

Via: Google+

Developer Ports Unofficial AOKP Build to the Nexus 7


Developer nize2beme uploaded a port of AOKP for the Nexus 7 to the forums at RootzWiki last night. So far, this is a very early alpha build and in order to get it booted up and running, he says he needed to take pieces of code from the newest CM10 source. At the moment, the developer is looking to get it up and running with more stability, then will add custom features such as a tablet mode tweak and all of the other battery mods and other AOKP customizations.

If your Nexus 7 is unlocked, rooted, and running a custom recovery, then feel free to give it a go. Be sure to make a backup.

Via: RootzWiki

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Unofficial CM10 and AOKP Builds Released for Verizon’s Galaxy S3

The locked bootloader on Verizon’s Galaxy S3 hasn’t stopped development much to this point. Last week, we saw the device receive an unofficial CM9 port, but over the weekend, things turned up another notch. Two unofficial ports of AOKP and CM10 popped up, with each either being as close to fully working as possible or with a couple of minor bugs that will soon be worked out.

AOKP Milestone 6 appears to be ready for prime time and a daily driver without any known bugs. CM10 is definitely still being referred to as an “alpha“, however, data and all of the other most important features are working. If TouchWiz is too painful and stock Android is your saving grace, you may want to consider looking into either one of these.

As a reminder, these ROMs are possible thanks to CVPCS’s kexec boot sequence and will appear to boot twice during bootup. That’s normal and is simply the kexec doin’ work.

Via:  DroidHive (CM10) | RootzWiki (AOKP)

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AOKP Team Inches Closer to Swipe-able Widgets in Your Galaxy Nexus Nav Bar


Who would have thought that when the Galaxy Nexus was announced with no hardware navigation keys, that devs would grab that idea and blaze these kinds of trails with it. Take the AOKP team for example, who has created a way to embed multiple widgets into the nav bar that can be accessed from any screen and are also swipe-able. From what we understand, this specific feature is not 100% ready for public release yet, but it certainly seems like they are getting close.

Impressed? I am.

Cheers Nick!

Video: Custom Navigation Buttons Coming to a Galaxy Nexus ROM Near You, That Would be App Shortcuts


Just when you thought we were running out of tweaks that could be done to Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus, the folks behind AOKP have something new to show:  custom navigations buttons. Since the G-Nex sports on-screen buttons, developers have realized that this area could be used for more than back, menu, search and home. What if you added a shortcut to your most-used app, like say the browser? Or maybe you need to text or pop up the camera at a moment’s notice? You will be able to, very soon.

Via:  RootzWiki

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Custom ROM Friday: Peter Alfonso’s Bugless Beast for the Galaxy Nexus

We have been following Peter Alfonso’s work ever since the beginning, so whenever we see him pump out new ROMs, we like to give them some spotlight. This release is Bugless Beast for the Galaxy Nexus. Downloads for the ROM have been available for a bit now, but with him constantly updating it and there even being nightlies, we figured we should point everyone to the newest and best download that’s available.  (more…)

AOKP ROM Developer Hits 1 Million Pageviews Goal, Releases New Galaxy Nexus Build

Android Open Kang Project has become this massive beast of a Galaxy Nexus ROM. I’m not sure how many users it has now, but it is certainly racking up numbers on the conversation front. Last night, the developer behind it (@romanbb) told his followers that if his AOKP ROM thread hit 1 million pageviews, that he would release build 25. He was around 20K shy when he announced this bounty, and it only took a short time before the goal was reached. Build 25 is now live thanks to many of you.

Just felt like sharing the success story that is AOKP, since I know that many of you run it.

Download Build 25 here.

Cheers Mike!