3.0 is Out With Material Design Upgrades, New Navigation, List Sharing, Tablet Support, and More, the to-do list app I seem to fall in love with every time it gets a big update, but soon forget about because I’m clearly completely unorganized, got a big update today to version 3.0. The update, which is here only six or so months after the last big jump to version 2.0, brings some heat to the to-do list game.  (more…) 2.0 Brings New Collaboration Features, File Attachments, Better Reminders

Task management apps are a dime a dozen, but has managed to carve out a niche for itself by taking a multifaceted approach. The developers pushed out a companion calendar app, called Cal, last year, and was one of the first to integrate with Google Now and support Google Glass. Fast approaching version 2.0, the is gaining a bevy of new management, file manipulation, and customization features, but a few will be locked behind a subscription. (more…)

Five Great Productivity Android Apps to Help You Follow Through on Your New Year’s Resolutions

Today is the last day of 2013, with 2014 and its newest technologies just on the horizon, and many people today will resolve to improving themselves in their commitments for the new year. Of course, actually following through with these oft-challenging chores is the difficult part, and that is where these five productivity apps can help you stay true to your word and make yourself a better person. Or at least live up to your resolutions for more than 24 hours.  (more…) Releases Cal on Android, Your Calendar is Now a Lot More Beautiful

In mid-October, popular to-do and task app Any.Do, opened up a beta for its calendar app that had been making moves over on iOS. The app is called Cal, of course, and is a service that takes all sorts of design ideas and beautify from Any.Do, only puts it into calendar form to replace whatever other service you are using to manage your daily schedule. As of this morning, Cal is now out of beta and on Google Play. (more…)

Any.Do Opens Cal Beta on Android, Go Get It! cal cal cal android

As of this afternoon, Any.Do has opened up a beta program for their incredibly popular iOS calendar application called Cal. Users of Any.Do’s task app know that the design and functionality used in their work is almost unmatched by most apps in the game. All of the beauty and ease seen in Any.Do is carried through onto Cal, which means a minimal and clean white theme and all sorts of features.

With this beta, understand that you are testing the app before it officially launches, so there may be bugs or lag in some transitions or features. I’m definitely experiencing some already on my Moto X. No matter what, I think you’ll immediately appreciate the look and functionality of Cal within a couple of minutes with it. If you are a calendar addict like me, this is one to pay attention to.  (more…)

Any.Do for Android Receives Update to V2.32 With Google Now and Glass Support

anydo logo

Any.Do, one of the most popular to-do list apps on both Android and iOS, received a sizable update for our favorite platform this weekend. If you follow the saga of Any.Do at all, you know that its development team has been heckled quite steadily over the last month or so as Android users have felt neglected compared to their iOS counterparts. Any.Do users have been wondering when Any.Do’s new Cal calendar app will arrive on Android, which has also led to conflict over the lack of Android updates. It’s been entertaining, to say the least.  (more…)