Angry Birds Star Wars Teases Slingshot Equipped Millennium Falcon


We’ll be some of the first to admit that the Angry Birds series has lost its luster. There are too many variations of it, too many tie-ins to mainstream products, and too much in-your-faceness for our liking. Our feelings may have changed slightly when we saw the teaser for Angry Birds Star Wars, though. A part of us (Tim mostly) became instantly excited again. There’s just something about Star Wars combined with a silly cartoon or children’s product that amounts to pure gold. (Look at Legos?)

In today’s teaser, the Millennium Falcon makes its first appearance, equipped with a slingshot. How can that not get you excited for its November 8 release?

It’s Official, Angry Birds Star Wars Out On November 8

Last week, Rovio teased an image that lead us to believe there would be some type of Star Wars and Angry Birds themed goodness. This morning, we now know it is a full game and there will be a host of other swag such as animations and toys for kids. Set for November 8, Angry Birds Star Wars could possibly let players choose between the Rebellion and the Empire. Naturally, everything has some sort of bird or pig reference tied in.  (more…)

Rovio Teases Star Wars Themed Angry Birds – Is it a Game or Toy Line?

This morning, Rovio is has many folks excited with the above image they released to their Twitter feed. As you can see, that bird is carrying a light saber, the favored weapon of the Jedi whom exist in the world of Star Wars. In the tweet, Rovio links to their Tumblr, which gives instructions for people to meet at Toys R Us at Times Square in New York on October 8th.

So, could Rovio be just making a toy line? I wouldn’t see them stopping there, as it wouldn’t shock me to see an add-on to Angry Birds Space, or possibly a whole new game called Angry Birds Star Wars. That would sell. We’re just days away fom Oct. 8, so we’ll keep you posted.

Via: Twitter