Angry Birds Star Wars Update Drops Tomorrow With Planet Hoth

If you have already gone through Tatooine and the Death Star levels of Angry Birds Star Wars, then you’re just like me and are patiently awaiting news for when we could see Hoth finally arrive. Well, Rovio just announced that it will be arriving tomorrow as a free update on Google Play! In true form, they also released a video to pump up the launch which you can view below.  (more…)

It’s Finally Here – Angry Birds Star Wars Released on Android

After what seemed like forever of hyping and trailer releases, it’s November 8, 2012. That can only mean one thing for Android fans – it’s Angry Birds Star Wars Day! I’ve played through a few of the levels already and I have to say, I am happy. The soundtrack is exactly what I was hoping for. There are plenty of lightsaber “woosh” sounds and the overall look of the game pays mighty homage to the series that I love so very much. Now the only problem is how do I convince Kellex that I’m sick and watch the movies instead of work?  (more…)

Official Launch Trailer For Angry Birds Star Wars Released, Just a Few More Days

This will be the last time we talk about Angry Birds Star Wars until it launches, I promise you that. This morning, Rovio released the officially official launch trailer for the game that is set to release on November 8. They have hyped this game more than any other game I can remember, releasing teaser trailer, after gameplay trailer, after more gameplay trailers(more…)

Another Day, Another Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Trailer Featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca


Today, Rovio has released yet another Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay trailer. This time we have the great Han Solo and Chewbacca kicking some Empire butt, and again, it makes us just ever so slightly less patient for November 8.

Although, if I had one request, it would be to cool it on the Cantina Band. Thanks.

R2-D2 and C-3PO Gameplay Footage Goes Up For Angry Birds Star Wars


Just about one more week, folks, and the teasing will finally come to an end. This morning, Rovio has released yet another gameplay trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars game, featuring none other than some of our favorites, R2-D2 and C-3PO.

The game launches Nov. 8, so here we are, waiting as usual.

First Gameplay of Angry Birds Star Wars – Four-Legged Walkers, Wookiee Bird and Lightsabers Included

The moment we have all been waiting for – gameplay from Angry Birds Star Wars! Not to sound too delusional, but for the first time in some 3 years, I find myself at least slightly interested in an Angry Birds game. Wookiee bird? Lightsabers? 4-legged walkers? If that poster above isn’t enough to get you worked up, then at least give the clip below a shot.  (more…)

Rovio’s Hypebeasting of Angry Birds: Star Wars Continues, “Aren’t You a Little Short?”


I still can’t tell whether this game really excites me or puts a bad taste in my mouth. After viewing this newly released short from Rovio, I’m leaning towards the latter. Star Wars is one of my favorite movie series and coupling it with Angry Birds is something I’m still struggling with. Maybe by the time the game comes out I’ll have a more pleasant outlook towards it. After all, it is just a silly game, right?

The game arrives for Android on November 8.

Cheers K!