Angry Birds Seasons is Free and Ad-free from Amazon Today

Here is your chance to put a stop to that awful lag that’s experienced whenever you play Angry Birds Seasons and an advertisement pops up.  The ad-free version is…FREE, today through the Amazon appstore!  And just so you know, this will replace your currently installed ad-blasted version, but will not overwrite any settings or gameplay.  After installing, you’ll be right where you left off.

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St. Paddy’s Day Edition of Angry Birds Seasons Released on Android

Get your green beers ready; the St. Paddy’s Day version of Angry Birds Seasons on Android is available now for those of you addicted to pots o’ gold, red hair and clovers.  This latest seasonal addition introduces 15 new levels that should keep you occupied until next week when Angry Birds Rio is released, alongside a bunch of new levels for regular AB.  It’s an Angry Birds kind of month!   (more…)

Angry Bird Hits 30 Million Download Mark on Android (Updated)

Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka is hanging out at GDC (Game Developers Conference) this week and casually tossed out a number related to downloads of Angry Birds on the Android platform.  30 million.  Yep, this silly little slingshotting bird game has been gobbled up more than 30 million times by Android folks alone.  He also mentioned that 80 percent of those 30 million have downloaded updates to the game which means that people aren’t getting sick of it and theories that this would be another fad are looking pretty ridiculous right now.  With their Seasons spinoff, and a whole bunch of levels slated to be released this month, we won’t be surprised if they come back talkin’ 50 millie before long.

Update:  Conan featured the “world’s largest” live-action Angry Birds last night and it seemed fitting to include it in this post…(Cheers Chris!)

Via:  Joystiq

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Angry Birds Valentine’s Edition Available Monday?

Not a bad weekend for Angry Birds, I’d say.  First we had the release of 30 new western-themed levels in the regular AB game and now we’ve got the Valentine’s Edition of Angry Birds Seasons coming out on Monday (according to Rovio).  Oh, and let’s not forget about the secret Rio level that can be unlocked using a code seen during the Super Bowl in just a couple of hours.

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Angry Birds Secret Super Bowl Level Revealed, Valentine’s Edition Too

Whether you like it or not, Angry Birds is here to stay and to tell you the truth, it might just be getting started.  A new version of the game called Angry Birds Rio which includes 45 new levels should be here in March, but before that we’ll be enjoying another 15 or so levels on a Valentine’s edition.  See what I mean about “just getting started?”  And actually, before that we’ll be unlocking the level that you are seeing pictured above using a code found during this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV.   (more…)