Amazon App Store Opens, Angry Birds Rio is Today’s FREE App of the Day

The Amazon AppStore is live!  Wait…why do we need another app store again?  It does have the new Angry Birds Rio though, and it’s available today for free as the paid app of the day.  To get the appstore, head to Amazon’s website, or download it through the Amazon app in the Android Market.  After that, you should download AB Rio right away before it’s cut off.

What about the new Amazon AppStore though?  Well, it looks decent.  You can browse Amazon’s site to find apps that you may like, click to purchase them, and then find them waiting for download in the app.  It’s a nice concept, I’m still just not sure why we need another app store that has all of the same apps as the regular Android Market.

Anyways, go download Rio!  And AT&T customers…looks like you are S.O.L.

Cheers Stephen, Brock, Matt and everyone else!

Angry Birds Rio Launching Exclusively through Amazon App Store (Updated)

The still-yet-to-be-launched Amazon App Store just scored a pretty major exclusive, Angry Birds Rio.  AB Rio would be the follow up game to Angry Birds Seasons and a game that has been set up to launch alongside a new kids movie that should be out in the next week or so.  But what about the game itself?  We have no word on a release yet, although we have a feeling that it will be either this week or next and possibly on March 22nd since that’s the date iOS users will see it.  All signs point to this version of Angry Birds having a price attached to it, but again, no idea what that will be.

Following @roviomobile would be a good place to start though, if you want the latest info.

Update:  And here is the gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Rio… (Cheers Jason!)


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Angry Birds Secret Super Bowl Level Revealed, Valentine’s Edition Too

Whether you like it or not, Angry Birds is here to stay and to tell you the truth, it might just be getting started.  A new version of the game called Angry Birds Rio which includes 45 new levels should be here in March, but before that we’ll be enjoying another 15 or so levels on a Valentine’s edition.  See what I mean about “just getting started?”  And actually, before that we’ll be unlocking the level that you are seeing pictured above using a code found during this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV.   (more…)

Angry Birds Rio Headed to Android in March, Will Contain 45 New Levels

Look, I love Angry Birds as much as anyone, but a motion picture based off of the game?  Seems like a little much, only that’s exactly what the plan is from Rovio and 20th Century Fox.  Fortunately for all of us, this movie means that a new game called Angry Birds Rio is on the way and will include 45 new levels plus a bunch of regular updates.  The game is expected to be available on multiple platforms including Android some time in March.

Anyone had enough AB or did this just make your weekend?   (more…)