Day 2 of Google’s 10 Days of 10 Cent Apps: Beautiful Widgets, Fruit Ninja, and More

It is day two of Google’s ten days of premium apps for just 10 cents!  Yesterday had some really great options and today is no different.  To name just a few of the biggest names we have Fruit Ninja, Beautiful Widgets, and Read It Later Pro.  This is possibly the greatest deal to ever come to the Android Market and we still have 8 days left!

If you want to see the whole page of deals, then check out the Android Market.

Android Market Reaches 10 Billion Downloads, Begins 10 Days Of Premium Apps For Just 10 Cents

Our beloved Android Market has now reached 10 billion downloads.  10,000,000,000.  Very impressive for an OS that has spread like wildfire as of late all across the globe.  To celebrate, Google is offering premium apps up for just 10 cents over the next 10 days.  We are assuming the list will change each day, so you can be certain Droid Life will list out all the different apps so you can take advantage of this amazing deal.

For today’s deals, we have some fantastic applications that we know many readers here will be happy over.  (more…)

Has the Android Market Refund Window Secretly Changed to 30 Minutes? (Updated)


Over the weekend, the folks at KnowMyDroid sent over a tip which suggested that the Android Market’s refund window may have jumped from 15 minutes up to 30 minutes and beyond without any sort of warning. To test their claim, we bought World of Goo within the last hour, installed it, and let it ride out for 31 minutes to be exact. Sure enough, we were able to refund it. I’m not sure if the window has been extended, if the Android Market is allowing me to uninstall beyond 15 minutes since I had not yet opened the app, or what is going on, but it certainly worked.   (more…)

For The Next Two Weeks, 12 Of The Top Movies In Android Market Are 99 Cents

Winter is upon us and with that comes cold and frightful weather. On a snowy, or even a rainy day nothing beats just staying inside and watching a movie. Sure you can order one on-demand, but why would you do that when Google is offering up some of the hottest movies for just 99 cents. For the next two weeks you will no longer need to go to RedBox, as you can now watch a hit movie for the same low price of $1 from the Android Market.

At this time the promotion appears to only be available stateside, nonetheless it is a pretty good deal. Who is going to take advantage of this? (more…)

Download: New Android Market Version 3.3.12

If you saw our Tweet last night about having the new Android Market version 3.3.12, then please accept my apologies for not getting this to you until this morning. Our buddy @PeterAlfonso sent the latest version over, but we were no where near a computer until now, really. So here it is!

Pretty tough to tell if anything is new with such a slight version number increase. When the Google Music announcement was made last week, our buddy @0mie suggested that this next version would be built specifically for T-Mobile phones since  they are expected to get a special songs section. Other than that, we’ll have to let you help us figure out if anything changed. (more…)

Android Market Application Refund Window Changing to 48 Hours? (Updated: False Alarm?)

The latest Developer Distribution Agreement is out and it includes some pretty exciting news on the refund front. According to section 3.4, the window for refunds is jumping all the way up to 48 hours from the current 15 minutes that you have now. Not all apps fall under this new window though. If you are purchasing products that can be “previewed” from within the market like ringtones or wallpapers, there will be no refunds allowed. But if you purchase apps that cannot be previewed (meaning most normal apps), you get 48 hours to return it.  (more…)

New Android Market Version 3.3.11 Now Available For Download (Updated)

A new version of the Android Market numbered 3.3.11 is now being pushed out to select handsets. For the impatient, our friends over at Android Police have pulled the APK and have made it available for download. They have stated there seems to be a few glitches and minor kinks after installing it on Honeycomb devices, so for those wanting to throw it onto a Motorola XOOM or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, maybe you should hold off.   (more…)

Duke Nukem 3D Kicks Its Way Onto Android Market, All Out Of Bubblegum

The king is back, again. Duke Nukem 3D just landed on the Android Market for the low low price of $.99 for the first episode. If you have never played a Duke game before, this is a wonderful chance to do so aside from pirating a copy of it to play on a monitor that will point out how bad the graphics looked back then. Thankfully, the controls have been ported over to the mobile space, using the on-screen thumb pads we have grown accustomed to in games. They even have a ‘swipe to look’ function as well and there is native support for large screen devices so tablets can get in on all the Duke action.

A couple caveats with this game; the first being, do not let your children play it. If you haven’t heard of the Duke, you need to know that he has one of the funniest, but foulest in all of video games. The second and third episodes can be unlocked through in-app purchase after you complete the first episode. The Market listing for this game has it rated at a 9.4 out of 10 – not that this game is not awesome – but that rating is for when it came out in 1991 on the PC. If the Duke timeframe applies to this game it will be 14 years before we see a mobile port of Duke Nukem Forever.

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