Amazon Instant Video App may Finally Come to Android, Release “Imminent”

In comparison to other platforms, Android has a lot of apps – over 1 million, in fact – but the catalog is far from complete. A few high-profile omissions have made the parity gap painfully perceptible, small as it is. However, according to one report, partial assuagement may be just around the corner. Amazon Marketing Director Russell Morris reportedly told PC Advisor that Amazon Instant Video, a long-awaited app, is due for “imminent” arrival on Android. (more…)

Rumor: Amazon Plans to Announce Video Streaming Box Next Week (Updated)

Finding a way to get customers to stick to a single streaming media service is always tricky business for a company. With that being said, the battle for hardware space in your living room has been heating up recently, and Amazon is ready to throw its hat in the ring. Latest reports show that Amazon’s event next week in New York City is centered around a new web-to-TV streaming box. (more…)

Official Amazon Instant Video App Hits 2012 LG TVs Equipped With Google TV

amazon hate

If you’re the owner of a brand new LG television equipped with Google TV, you’re in luck! Amazon has released an official Amazon Instant Video app for 2012 LG models only, kind of leaving the rest of us out in the cold. The app brings a fantastic user interface to buy and watch movies/shows from, as well as look through your watchlist and closed captioning options.

According to Google, we can expect more Google TV devices to be supported soon, but no time frame was given. My guess? Well, let’s shoot for, “many moons” from now.

Via: Google TV Blog