Amazon Appstore Announces In-app Purchasing

Amazon announced this morning that in-app purchases are now a part of their Appstore. Developers can integrate the API with ease, opening up subscription-based content, add-ons, and more to their apps using this new service. This seems like something that should have happened months ago, but as so many would say, “Better late than never.” The Google Play store and other markets already have a similar model in place.  (more…)

Amazon Wireless Leaves Beta, Offering Price Matches and $25 Credit for the Appstore

Back in 2009, Amazon launched a separate addition to their site called Amazon Wireless which focused solely on selling mobile devices on the cheap. As of today, the “beta” tag for Amazon Wireless has been phased out, bringing some nice changes along with it. Amazon will now price match any lower prices found on any of the four major US carriers and various big box stores within 14 days of purchase. If a lower price is found, the difference will be credited to your account. As an extra bonus, buyers of phones (for a limited time) will receive $25 to spend in the Amazon Appstore, so you can start gaming as soon as you have your new device without dropping any of your own cash. Winning.

Via: Amazon Wireless

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Amazon Celebrating Their Appstore’s First Birthday, Offering Deals All Week On Premium Apps

Seeing as how Amazon’s Appstore has reached its first birthday, Amazon is in full on party mode. To celebrate, they have taken some of the biggest titles they have and are offering them at reduced prices all week. Today, they have Plants vs. Zombies at just 99 cents. Tomorrow, they will offer two app deals and the following day they will have three app deals, continuing on like that for the full week. From what we can tell, most of the apps they will offer have already been covered in their Free Apps of the Day, but fingers crossed we see something that hasn’t been offered yet. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Lost City for free.

Go check out the deals and wish the Amazon Appstore a happy birthday!

Thanks To Kindle Fire, Amazon Appstore Becoming More Lucrative For Android Developers

A new report is showing that the Amazon Appstore is starting to fill the wallets of developers much more frequently since the release of the Kindle Fire. According to a mobile analytics firm called Distimo, the top 100 applications in the Appstore saw a fourteen-fold jump in downloads during the holiday season while Kindle Fires were being distributed to consumers. With the Kindle Fire gobbling up tablet market share, this should come as no surprise. (more…)

Amazon Appstore Looks To Be Price Matching Google’s 10 Cent Apps

From the looks of it, the Amazon Appstore is price matching certain apps that Google has listed for 10 cents during their 10 billion download special.  So while these two giants have it out for your ten pennies, we as buyers can take advantage of the deals.  A few of the day 2 apps can be found for 10 cents as well, but no day 1 apps were at the sale price.

If for some reason you were not able to scoop up these apps for 10 cents in the Android Market, you can grab them in the Amazon Appstore for the same price.  Have at it.

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Amazon Releases Android App Store Version 2.0, Kindle Fire Black Theme Included


If you have the Amazon Appstore installed, then you were probably prompted late last night or early this morning to update it. This latest build is version 2.0, but more importantly, it matches the theme of the software that will come loaded on next week’s Kindle Fire tablet. It’s all charcoal, grey and black, along with some much needed UI improvements. This no longer looks like some 3rd party market, and instead feels much more like a part of a polished product that Amazon wants you buy on November 15.

So if you haven’t already, open up your Appstore and the update should be waiting for you.

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