AlphaRevX Beta 2 Released for Incredible 2, Time to Get Your Root On [Linux Only]

You ready, DROID Incredible 2 owners?  The AlphaRevX team released their beta 2 S-OFF tool last night that should take your phone from locked sad panda all the way to unlocked and rooted happy cheetah.  There is something you should be aware of though – the tool is currently only available for Linux users.  They had initially released a Windows version, but after a number of users ran into bugs, they decided to pull it for now to make it more stable and reliable.  As soon as the Windows version is back up, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Head over to the AlphaRevX site now to download.   (more…)

DROID Incredible 2 Receives S-OFF, Permanent Root is Next (Updated)


The AlphaRevX team who unlocked and perm-rooted the Incredible S has apparently found a similar method that works on the Incredible 2.  This marks a pretty significant day for folks who shelled out for the Inc follow-up, since up until now there has only been a temp-root that would wipe each time you rebooted your phone.  With S-OFF achieved though, they should have perm-root in no time (might already) and then the fun can really begin.

Stay close, as we’ll post up instructions the minute they drop.

Update:  Our man jcase with @TeamAndIRC assures us that the phone in the video has perm-root and Clockwork Recovery on it.

Via:  XDA