Agent Makes Your Phone Contextually Smarter With Ease

agent app

One of the most underrated features of the Moto X, and the new DROID line on Verizon in general, is the Motorola Assist app that it comes bundled with. Essentially a slimmed-down version of Motorola’s Smart Actions, it allows your phone to react to you when you are driving, sleeping or in a meeting. The only downside is that Smart Actions is exclusive to Moto devices. Agent is an app that can do that and more, plus it is available for all Android devices.  (more…)

Agent Smartwatch Launches on Kickstarter, Like a Thicker Pebble That’s a Year Late to the Party


Kickstarter seems to be the number one choice for upstarts with a smartwatch in mind to seek funding these days. Agent “the world’s smartest watch” is the latest in a long line that includes tech darlings like the Pebble. And actually, this new Agent watch seems like nothing more than a thicker (and potentially uglier depending on your taste in watch designs) version of the Pebble, but with one difference – it has Qi wireless charging built in. The promo video shows a watch with a “Memory” display that’s a combination of an e-paper and LCD displays, that can be paired with your phone and used to tell the time, show weather, control music players, act as a pedometer, and show you incoming calls or messages. (more…)