Download: Adobe AIR Froyo 7-5-2010 Build

So we leaked a build of Adobe AIR for Android over the weekend plus a bunch of apps and since then, a new version has been released.  This new version is by no means a leak and is readily available to people who have signed up to the pre-release AIR program.  Below is the file we received almost 2 days ago on Sunday night (Monday morning) at 2:34AM.  Specific right?

Download: Adobe AIR Froyo 7-5-2010

This version is for Froyo only.  Works with the Froyo folder of apps posted here.

Cheers Luda!

Download: More Adobe AIR Apps

Yesterday we snagged a copy of Adobe AIR to give to everyone, and today we’ve received an additional handful of apps for you to toy around with.  There are 2 folders included, 1 for Froyo only builds and the other with apps working on both 2.1 and 2.2.  In order to run the Froyo specific apps, there is a runtime which will patch your Adobe AIR.  This will also make the other folder of apps non-playable.  I suggest starting with the “2.1-2.2” folder and when you get bored, move onto the Froyo-specific folder.

Download: Adobe Android

Have fun!

Download: Adobe AIR for Android

Who wants an early build of Adobe AIR for Android?  We just got our hands on a copy plus a couple of simple apps that work with it.  You won’t be blown away right now because when we say “early” we mean EARLY.  Still, who doesn’t love leaked apps which will eventually be game changers?

And what is Adobe AIR?  In my non-techie talk, here is my take on it.  It essentially allows developers to easily make applications or tools that can be used across multiple platforms/operating systems.

*Works on both Android 2.1 and 2.2

Download: AIR.apk

Install as you would any other application.

Once you have it installed, here are a couple of apps to be used with AIR:

For information on exactly what Adobe AIR is, check out the official Android site.

And as soon as we have more apps, we’ll be sure to post them!