Activision Set to Bring Tony Hawk Shred Session to Android

A new game is set to hit mobile devices soon, one from Activison called Tony Hawk Shred Session. Sadly for Android users, this is not Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, a game which we all wish would be released, but maybe this new game can help heal those wounds.

In Shred Session, you play as a pro skater you choose (there are 6 different pros to select from), and you go rolling down a road filled with ramps and rails. It plays much like Temple Run; you skate along a lane, swiping left and right, while also hitting jumps, performing tricks, and collecting coins.  (more…)

Activision’s Re-Imagined Pitfall! Makes Its Way to Android


This morning, the re-imagined Atari classic Pitfall! has made its way to Android. Thanks to Activision, we have another great game to get us through the holiday break. The game plays much like Temple Run, but with many more environments which could help the replay value. What makes it even better is that its completely free on Google Play.  (more…)