CES Event: Watch Xiaomi Reveal a New Mi Product at 11AM

Press day is over at CES 2017 and the show floor is now open, but there are still companies holding stand-alone press events. One of those is Xiaomi, who says it has a new Mi product to unveil here at the show. Will it be a phone for the US or something else? We don’t know, but are on hand to find out.

You can watch the event live streamed through the YouTube embed above. The festivities kick off at 11AM Pacific (2PM Eastern).

Xiaomi Intros Mi Note 2 With 5.7″ FHD Display, Teases Mi Mix With ‘Edgeless Design’

Xiaomi showcased two new phones for the market this week, one of which may not come to the US, plus a VR headset that includes a controller. Neither of the phones are being specifically marketed for the average US consumer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t import them if you really want to.

The first phone, which will work just fine in the US on a GSM network, is the Mi Note 2. Looking rather similar to the Galaxy Note 7, the Mi Note 2 features a dual curved 5.7″ Full HD display, Snapdragon 821 processor, 4,070mAh battery, and 22MP rear-facing camera. That camera has a Sony IMX318 sensor with f/2.0 aperture and a 77-degree wide angle lens, also capable of shooting 4K video with EIS (electronic image stabilization).  (more…)

Google Lists More Places to Find Android TV, Changes for Android N

Google did not spend too much time detailing changes for the Android TV platform during its opening I/O keynote yesterday, but following the event, plenty of information was posted to the company’s official blog. Not only did Google explain where potential Android TV users could find the platform in new 2016 TV and set-top hardware from various companies, but also explained a few changes we will see once Android N hits the platform.  (more…)

Hugo Barra Teases Xiaomi Mi Android TV Reveal for Google I/O?

Hugo Barra, former master presenter of Android at Google who now overseas the fun happening with Xiaomi, teased a couple of interesting bits of Google I/O related material this week, prompting those of us in this tech sphere to wonder if Xiaomi has co-developed a product with Google to be announced tomorrow. You can see the tweets below that prompted the speculation, both of which appear to show something gaming and TV focused.  (more…)

Xiaomi’s US Accessory Store Opens Today at 7PM Pacific With Cheap Goods Like a $15 Fitness Tracker

Earlier this year, Xiaomi – maker of all things insanely cheap that happen to look a lot (seriously, a lot a lot) like Apple products – announced that it would begin its move into the US by selling its line of ultra-affordable accessories. Their phones may arrive at some point down the road as well, but for now, they want to get you familiar with their brand by tempting you into picking up things like a $15 fitness tracker, $10 5000mAh power bank, or $80 premium headphones. Today, the temptation officially begins.  (more…)

HTC Would Rather be “Cool” Than Compete With Xiaomi, Predicts 29% Revenue Decline for Q2

HTC reported modest profit of $11 million for the quarter that just ended, with revenues also growing year-over-year, giving them a couple of quarters in a row of actual growth. Unfortunately, those positive signs aren’t going to hang around long, as the company’s Q2 target isn’t exactly strong. HTC expects revenues to drop by up to 29% year-over-year, which is surprising since they just announced their new flagship phone (HTC One M9) for the year that should have been a driving force for the next three months. Should we take that as HTC already expecting it to be a flop?  (more…)

Qualcomm: Forget Samsung! All These Other Huge…Errr…Awesome Manufacturers Love the Snapdragon 810!

What happens when a multi-billion dollar company loses its biggest customer and has to adjust its earnings for the 2nd half of a year? Apparently, they turn to all their much smaller, aren’t-going-anywhere-because-we-can’t customers for uplifting quotes on why their product is still the best! With Samsung deciding to pass on the Snapdragon 810 (for who knows what real reasons), companies like LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, and Oppo have come out in support of the new chip, along with an assurance from Qualcomm that 60 “premium tier” mobile devices will hit the streets in the coming weeks and months with the 810 inside.  (more…)