Verizon Will Give You 2GB of Free Data for Using Android Pay

Verizon just announced a new promo that can land you up to 2GB of free data if you use Android Pay. It’s not straight forward, so let me try to explain this before you all go out and rush to Trader Joe’s to get in on the freebie action.

According to Verizon, you can get 1GB of free data by tapping to pay with Android Pay in supported stores. If you continue using Android Pay, Verizon will give you another free 1GB on the third tap. In other words, you need to use Android Pay three times in order to get 2GB of free data. With me so far?  (more…)

Verizon Hosting National Trade-In Event, Receive Up to $300 for Your Current Phone

Verizon is hosting a “national trade-in event” right now, giving existing customers and potential customers the opportunity to get that new phone they have had their eye on. During this event, Verizon is granting up to $300 of trade-in value on select devices when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, DROID Turbo 2, or iPhone 6S on a device payment plan.  (more…)

Moto X (2nd Gen) on Verizon Gets an Update That Sure as Hell Isn’t Marshmallow

The Moto X (2nd Gen) on Verizon or AT&T aren’t getting Marshmallow. So when you see an update pop-up, like many are today on Verizon, don’t get excited. Don’t ever get excited again. It’s only going to be security updates that tease your inner white fluffy, sweet mass. Remember, Motorola disowned you without as much as a “Sorry, bruh.”  (more…)

Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge+ Gets Marshmallow Update, Note 5 Gets WiFi Improvements

With the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and Galaxy Note 5 on Verizon all receiving the update to Marshmallow within the past month, we were starting to wonder if the Galaxy S6 Edge+ had been forgotten about. Well, it hasn’t been. Just prior to the weekend, Verizon approved the update to Android 6.0.1 for the bigger-edged S6, along with another update for the Note 5 that should improve WiFi connections.  (more…)

Verizon Customers Who Ordered a Galaxy S7 and Want Your Gear S2 or Gear VR, You’re In for a Wait

Back when the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge was still up for pre-order and launched through Verizon, the carrier was offering a free Gear VR headset or Gear S2 smartwatch to select purchasers via a promotion. Now that the deal is over and folks are cashing in on the promotion, Samsung has been overwhelmed by the amount of takers, and is now sending out emails regarding when folks should expect their smartwatch.  (more…)

Verizon Offers 3 Months of HBO NOW When You Switch or Upgrade

For those who make the switch to Verizon, upgrade a device on an existing plan, or activate a new line, Big Red is handing out free three months of HBO NOW, the service’s monthly subscription plan for lovers of TV and hit movies. HBO NOW is usable on mobile devices, desktop computers, Android TV boxes, and other means, but in order to receive this deal, you will have to jump through Verizon’s various hoops.  (more…)

AT&T Wastes No Time Matching Verizon’s New $20 Upgrade Fee

On Monday, Verizon introduced a new “upgrade fee” for those customers who buy new phones on device payment plans or at full retail. We spent a good handful of hours over the past week trashing all over the fee, because it seems like an incredibly slick move for a major wireless carrier who is always on the cutting edge when it comes to bleeding you dry at every angle. Of course, Verizon isn’t the only carrier with an upgrade fee – both AT&T and Sprint have them as well.

Speaking of AT&T, their upgrade fee was set at $15 just last August, but now that Verizon has gone with a $20 price point, they are wasting no time in matching the greed. That’s right, as of today, AT&T now has a $20 upgrade fee in place, because why not. We’re talking two days after Verizon pushed theirs live. How awesome.  (more…)