Motorola Reminds Us That the DROID Turbo is Going Straight to Android 5.1

The DROID Turbo still doesn’t have Lollipop. It’s mid-May. That seems kind of ridiculous for a flagship phone that runs nearly-stock Android. But hey, if we are looking for positives, there is at least one we could toss out there – Lollipop (at least versions 5.0, 5.0.1, and 5.0.2) is pretty damn buggy and you probably didn’t want it in early forms anyway.

With that said, Motorola and Verizon have got to get an update out to this phone at some point, right? Yes. And they will in the form of Android 5.1. They reminded us of that today, in fact. I say “reminded,” because one of their engineers told us of this plan back in March, which if I’m keeping track, was a whopping two months ago.  (more…)

T-Mobile is Now Going After Verizon Customers With #NeverSettleforVerizon Campaign

It was only a matter of time before T-Mobile’s John Legere had heard enough from Verizon that he would step off of his pursuit of AT&T customers and focus his Uncarrier attack at the other big boy on the block. Thanks to Verizon’s “Never Settle” campaign, Legere has had it and will is now launching his own “Never Settle” campaign to try and win over customers from Big Red.  (more…)

Verizon Prepaid Customers Now Get 1GB Bonus Data by Signing Up for Autopay

If you are on either of Verizon’s prepaid plans – $45/1GB or $60/2.5GB – and sign up for autopay, you are entitled to an extra 1GB of data each month. The carrier announced the bonus this morning, which will go live on prepaid customer accounts after their first autopay payment is successfully processed.

For customers already on autopay, the bonus 1GB of data arrive after their next autopay payment is made.  (more…)

LG Watch Urbane Now Available From Verizon and AT&T for $349 in Silver

After popping up on the Google Store yesterday afternoon, the LG Watch Urbane is now available from Verizon and AT&T as well. You can order this premium Android Wear watch for $349 at each carrier’s online store in silver starting today. The gold version isn’t available from either spot, but Google still has it in stock with a shipping date of May 8.

The watch will reach AT&T stores on May 15. As of right now, we don’t know if or when it will arrive in Verizon stores.  (more…)

Verizon Revamps Data Plans Again – Brings Back 10GB $80 and 15GB $100 Options, Kills Others

Back in February, Verizon did a big re-shuffling of its More Everything data plans that included the introduction of a bunch of new tiers, $10 discounts on many, and slight increases on a few. This morning, they did another big shuffling that wiped out many of those new plans, brought back others, and kept the $10 discounts. Let’s talk about what’s new, gone, and what stayed the same.  (more…)