Report: Galaxy S8 Unveiling Could Happen at Special New York Event in April

Every year, as the final slow weeks of the tech news cycle wind down, Samsung rumors flood in. It’s almost as if Samsung executives want to steal CES thunder before CES ever arrives, or maybe just that they can’t go more than a couple of months without making headlines. Either way, we’re in full pre-CES Samsung rumor overdrive at this point, with new rumors suggesting Samsung will skip Mobile World Congress to hold a stand-alone New York event to launch the Galaxy S8(more…)

Synaptics Unveils FS9100 Optical Fingerprint Sensor, May or May Not be Seen in Galaxy S8

Synaptics announced the Natural ID FS9100 optical fingerprint sensor this morning, and given how much the internet and its citizens love a good hypetrain, it is reported that we may see this technology used in the upcoming Galaxy S8. While neither Samsung or Synaptics have announced such a thing, there’s always the possibility.  (more…)

DEAL: Samsung 256GB EVO Select MicroSD Card Drops to $159 Today ($40 Off)

Samsung is still one of the few companies making 256GB microSD cards and it just so happens that they have discounted their best today on Amazon. The 256GB Samsung EVO Select microSD card has just $159.99, which is a $40 discount from its normal $200 price.

While not cheap, this is storage that should last you for years, or will at least hold the majority of your music collection. Plus, you are looking at 95MB/s transfer speeds and also speeds fast enough for handling 4K video shoots.

The deal is for a limited time and does include Prime shipping.

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Official: Samsung Pushing Software Update to Remaining Note 7 Devices to Stop Them From Charging (Updated)

Starting December 19, Samsung will begin pushing a new software update to remaining Galaxy Note 7 devices in the US that have not yet been returned. That software update will prevent devices from being able to charge and will then “eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices.” News of this type of update was first reported on yesterday and is now official.

Samsung says that the update will rollout over 30 days to remaining phones and customers who own Note 7s will be notified through “multiple touchpoints,” likely in an attempt to get them onto another phone before their Note 7’s life is over with. More than 93% of Note 7s have been recalled, according to Samsung.  (more…)

Report: Samsung Going “All-Screen” Design in Galaxy S8, May Launch in April

According to a report out of Bloomberg, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge will sport all-screen front designs, much like Xiaomi introduced with their new Mi Mix phone. We’re talking mostly bezel-less designs that laugh at companies who have bragged in the past about screen-to-bezel ratios. Today’s report also predicts a potential delay in the launch of each, along with a couple of other features like the end of physical home buttons.  (more…)