NCAA Final Four and National Championship to be Viewable in Virtual Reality Thanks to Gear VR

Announced by the NCAA this week, viewers of the Final Four and National Championship will have the ability to watch the games in virtual reality, thanks to a special app created for owners of the Gear VR by Samsung. At game time, you will open up the app, slap on your headset, then find yourself sitting court side for a perspective that is usually only enjoyed by those with enough money to afford those types of seats.  (more…)

Many More Banks Adding Support for Samsung Pay, Here’s the List

A large number of banks across the US are adding support for Samsung Pay this week, which is great news for owners of the Galaxy S7 or any other Samsung device that supports the company’s mobile payments platform. In the list of new banks supported, there are multiple credit unions from all over the place, including Altra Federal, Blackhawk Community, and Fidelity Bank.

On Samsung’s website, they detail which exact cards are supported from these banks. For example, one bank will support its entire card portfolio, while others will only support consumer credit or debit cards. It is all dependent on the bank.  (more…)

There Will Probably be a Galaxy S7 Active on AT&T

For the past couple of years, Samsung has released an AT&T exclusive version of their Galaxy S flagship as an “Active” model that’s water resistant and tough, for those who need a phone that can take a daily beating. In 2016, even though Samsung brought back water resistance to the Galaxy S7 line-up, we wouldn’t be shocked if they still went forward with the Active line by introducing the Galaxy S7 Active. According to notes left on the Samsung Level app’s listing and a report from SamMobile, it may be here shortly.  (more…)

Samsung Gear S2 Gets iOS and Marshmallow Support Tomorrow, According to Verizon (Updated)

Earlier in the week, a rumor about the Samsung Gear S2 gaining iOS support within the month circulated around these parts. We can now confirm that Verizon is onboard with that idea, as their support section for the Gear S2 says that an update will arrive tomorrow with a fix for a random clock freeze, but also with added support for iOS and Marshmallow.  (more…)

Opinion: We Could All Use a Little “Be Together, Not the Same” Right Now

As the Android ecosystem has grown, it’s become apparent that many Android users, some of our readers included, are splitting up into what I see as cliche cliques. Years ago, when I first started visiting Droid Life as just a reader, we all united behind a common goal. That goal was to essentially show iOS users that our seedling mobile OS was going to be awesome, one day running on the majority of smartphones throughout the world. After all, iPhone users were the apparent pompous elitists who poo-pooed anything other than iOS.

It’s 2016 now, and wouldn’t you know, Android is massive. In late 2015, Google revealed that there were 1.4 billion Android activations to date across the globe, and undoubtedly, that number continues to grow each day. The issue is, not all of these activations are the same phone, or even close for that matter, while iOS activations are united by similarities with each phone released by Apple. Each year, the iPhone sees a slight hardware and software upgrade, and each year, the same people upgrade to it. It’s basically an ever-growing family of people with the same smartphone experience. On Android, the experience on each phone differs greatly, and because of this, Android users of one particular phone will see users of a different phone as an enemy. They will argue about specifications, hardware design, software updates, OEM skins, and the list goes on. (more…)

Consumer Reports Love the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Rates Them Tops

Consumer Reports, the go-to source for America’s pulse toward all things consumer products, dished out top ratings for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung this week. Citing a “terrific” camera experience, “Excellent” video quality, and “Excellent” battery life, the Galaxy S7 and co. are now ranked in the top spot alongside the Galaxy S5, with the LG G4 and Galaxy S6 Active not trailing too far behind.

Wait, what?  (more…)

5 Reasons the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge is Worth Buying

Our reviews are in, you should know all there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at this point. We told you about each phone’s stunning design, the top level specs that few can come close to matching, the return of missing features, and of course, the almost immediate availability.

But maybe you didn’t want to read through the thousands of words we put together in those official reviews. Maybe you just want the highlights broken out into the simplest of forms to help you decide if either is worth buying. Well, here you go.

These are 5 reasons the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge is worth buying.  (more…)