Verizon, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 Pre-Orders are Shipping Out

According to emails we have received over the weekend, as well as our own pre-order, Galaxy Note 7 units are beginning to ship out from Verizon and T-Mobile. Unlike what we saw earlier this year from T-Mobile, where those who pre-ordered the Galaxy S7 were receiving their device a solid week ahead of launch, carriers appear to be doing better (or worse, depending on who you are) about shipping phones out closer to the actual release date.

For the Galaxy Note 7, that date is still August 19 across the globe.  (more…)

Galaxy Note 7 Will Get Android Nougat In 2-3 Months

When will the Galaxy Note 7 receive Android 7.0 Nougat? In 2-3 months, according to Samsung’s Koh Dong-jin.

The subtle announcement came during a short interview with Korea Times, as the company took a minute to continue to hype the launch of the new flagship phone. The note about release of Nougat is surprising, to say the least, since Samsung almost never talks about when or if they’ll release major updates and typically keeps us waiting in limbo.  (more…)

Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 7 With 128GB of Storage and 6GB of RAM in China

For those overly concerned about the amount on onboard storage and RAM in a device, China might be the best place for you. According to the latest report from the Korea Herald, Samsung is indeed reviewing the possible launch of a Galaxy Note 7 with upgraded specs, in comparison to the model that will launch in other parts of the globe on August 19.

The Galaxy Note 7 headed for China will feature upped storage, 128GB from the base of 64GB, as well as 6GB of RAM. The model shipping in the US, Europe, and Korea features 4GB of RAM. So, why is China getting so lucky? For a high-end flagship to compete, it’s all about the specs. Apparently, the Chinese market is saturated with devices that feature 6GB of RAM and high amounts of storage, meaning Samsung needs to deliver those numbers to be considered as someone’s next smartphone purchase.  (more…)

Galaxy Note 7 Pre-Orders are Apparently “Highest Ever” for a Galaxy Phone

According to reports out of Korea, pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 are crazy good. So good in fact, the Galaxy Note 7 pre-order numbers are the “highest ever” for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

For a bit more detail, using industry data as of August 9, the device has been pre-ordered 200,000 times in two days alone. Keep in mind, that figure is reported to be South Korea only. Given this device is to launch globally on August 19, it’s safe to assume that number spikes greatly when you add on pre-orders from Europe, US, and other parts of Asia.  (more…)

Galaxy Note 7 Themes Will Support Custom Icon Packs

If you watched today’s DL Show, we briefly touched on this exciting news, being the support of custom third-party icon packs on the Galaxy Note 7. Typically, to use custom icon packs, you would need to use a third-party launcher that supported them. On the Note 7, however, themes you download and use on the device will have support for them, bringing more customization options to owners.  (more…)

Refer Your Friends and Family to Samsung Pay, Get $5

Samsung is kicking off the High Five Referral Program for Samsung Pay this week, granting users the ability to refer friends and family to the service. A referral that is followed by a qualifying purchase will result in the referrer getting $5 automatically injected into their Samsung Pay account. The max number of referrals a user can give out is 30, making the earnings potential a solid $150.  (more…)

Opinion: High Price of the Galaxy Note 7 Shouldn’t Piss You Off

I can’t tell you how many times I have read in the comments section of this site that the Galaxy Note 7 is priced too high. Is it? Let’s dissect and discuss. The Galaxy Note 7 at full retail averages across the major US carriers at about $850. Some carriers are cheaper, some are more expensive. The point is, while the phone is indeed expensive, this shouldn’t upset anybody. Not only should it not upset you, but you shouldn’t even be surprised.

When it comes to Android devices, the Galaxy Note 7 is packing the heat. Featuring a 5.7″ QHD Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, IP68 water resistance, USB Type-C port, 64GB base storage, iris scanner, fingerprint reader, microSD card support and so much else, this device is launching with features that other smartphone owners only dream of having. In fact, even Galaxy S7 owners don’t have the luxury of an iris scanner, so they have a slight right to feel a little salty.

Allow me to present a few points why $850 for the flagship device of flagship devices is not that ridiculous.  (more…)