It’s 2015, Why Do All Android Phones Still Include a “But”

The year is 2015 and we still don’t have a perfect smartphone. I’d argue that there isn’t even a phone that is all that close to being perfect. I’m not saying that all of today’s phones are bad, because most are very, very good and you will probably be satisfied with whatever you choose. But every single one of them includes a big “but.” Hear me out.

Over the past few years, we have seen display technology from Samsung that looks more life-like than your TV and is mindblowingly good. We have seen processors reach PC-like power and efficiency levels. RAM is insanely fast. The Galaxy Note 5 has 4GB of it, people. 4GB. Storage is also faster than ever before. We even have fast wireless charging now! Cameras are reaching point-and-shoot territory. No, smartphone cameras are coming close to eclipsing some point-and-shoots. Metals are being used. Glass is too. Phones look like high-end watches or jewelry, yet do more than a computer in many instances. Technology is, well, pure awesome right now. So why is it that every single Android manufacturer can’t make us the perfect phone.

Why isn’t there a perfect option right now?   (more…)

Rumor: Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 5 Active on AT&T in November

According to an unnamed source of PhoneArena, Samsung and AT&T are working together to launch a Galaxy Note 5 Active onto the network this November. We know, it sounds ridiculous. As most of you likely know, the Active moniker deployed by Samsung defines a device’s rugged and tough design, capable of taking drops and even going for a swim thanks to water resistance.  (more…)

DEAL: New Unlocked Galaxy S6 for Just $469

Looking for the best price on a Samsung Galaxy S6? This is it. A current daily deal going on over at eBay for an unlocked GSM Galaxy S6 for $469 is about the best price we have seen to date. Remember, this phone launched at most US carriers for close to $700, so we are looking at over a $200 discount.

This is the international unlocked model of SM-G920i and works great on either AT&T or T-Mobile. This is an unlocked GSM phone, so don’t expect it to work on Verizon or Sprint.

The deal includes 32GB black, white, gold, and blue models, all for $469, along with free shipping.

Deal Link

Is Verizon Supporting Samsung Pay? They are Still “Evaluating” It.

Quick, take a look at this Samsung Pay website, scroll to the section in the middle that lists partners, and tell me who is missing. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Verizon is missing. Since Verizon is missing and the world just realized this fact yesterday, the internet got caught up in a series of “Verizon isn’t supporting Samsung Pay!” stories. Of course, those stories were developed from Twitter conversations with social media support handlers, which aren’t exactly go-to spokepersons for either Verizon or Samsung. And because of that, their word isn’t exactly the one you should go on.

We reached out to Verizon yesterday to get an official statement and were told basically what we expected to be told, that they are still evaluating the service.  (more…)

Verizon Galaxy S4 Gets Stagefright Patch, Bunch of Bug Fixes in Update

Stagefright patches continue to rollout to most of Samsung’s phones, with older models now getting in on the party. Verizon’s Galaxy S4 is the latest, thanks to an update that also includes more bug fixes than I can even list out.

The update will land on your phone as build VRUGOF1 and can be pulled by heading into Settings>About phone>Software updates>Check for updates>Download now.

The full changelog can be viewed at the link below.  (more…)

Video Comparison: Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4

With our Samsung Galaxy Note 5 unboxing out of the way, we’re moving onto a Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4 comparison, since I’m sure many Note 4 owners are contemplating an upgrade to the new beast. While the Note 5 has some significant changes from the Note 4 (both good and bad), I would argue that the overall package is quite impressive compared to any phone. (more…)

Galaxy Note 5 Unboxing and First Impressions!

Samsung has done the Galaxy Note 5 launch right. Instead of announcing the phone and then making us wait a month or more before we could buy it, they announced it and then made it almost immediately available for pre-order with an in-store arrival date of just a week later. For many, pre-orders have already arrived on doorsteps. This is how all phone launches should be done, if you ask us.

Now that we are back from Samsung’s NYC event and have one in house, it’s time to get to reviewing it. First, we thought we would do a quick Galaxy Note 5 unboxing to get the juices flowing. This way, you all get to see the beginning of our journey with this phone as a daily deivce, another tour of it in an environment not filled with a few hundred other journalists, and if our impressions have changed within the last few days.

So, this is our unboxing and first impressions of the Galaxy Note5!  (more…)