Report: Galaxy S7 Announcement Pushed to January, Launch in Early February

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are still relatively new, having launched in April, but already there are reports of when we should expect to see Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S7.

Being worked on under the codename Project Lucky (since 7 is usually associated with luck), no exact reason has been specified from sources as to why Samsung intends to launch the device so early. However, it seems easy to deduce Samsung’s need to get ahead of any competition in the early part of 2016. If Samsung is able to announce the device in late January, then launch just a couple of weeks later, it allows them to keep the hype machine moving forward smoothly.  (more…)

Report: Samsung Will Offer Own Phone Leasing Program, Like the One Apple Just Announced

According to a report out of Forbes, who spoke with an anonymous “industry executive with knowledge of Samsung’s plans,” the Korean electronics giant plans to introduce a phone leasing program similar to the one Apple just announced at its iPhone 6s event. Their exact plans or launch timing are not known at this time, but with Apple making this move and Samsung potentially on the verge of announcing another disappointing quarter, they could “accelerate” the new program.  (more…)

Samsung’s S Health Arrives for Non-Samsung Phones With Android 4.4+

Samsung is much more open to other Android phones, it seems these days. First, they announced that its new Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic watches would be compatible with almost all Android phones, a move we didn’t exactly see coming. And now, they have opened up S Health to all running Android 4.4+. Big things are in motion here, folks.

S Health, for those not familiar, is Samsung’s fitness-related app that will act as your coach to getting healthier. It not only tracks typical exercise, but it connects with 3rd party apps and devices, and offers up specific programs depending on your goals.  (more…)

Report: Samsung to Launch “Foldable” Smartphone in 2016

According to a source on Weibo, Samsung will look to launch Project Valley, its platform for foldable smartphones, next year in January. Claimed by the source, Samsung is currently testing two models of the device, one with a Snapdragon 620 processor, and another with the top-tier Snapdragon 820 processor. Other specs could include 3GB of RAM, built-in battery (non-removable), and microSD slot.  (more…)