Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

During their MWC press event, after teasing the world for weeks prior, Samsung stood on stage and presented two phones they were extremely proud of. You could tell by the presentation that these phones were going to bring them back. There wasn’t a Broadway play. There wasn’t a gimmick in sight. Samsung ran through a list of features, design elements, and changes from past thinking as directly as they could because nothing needed to be hidden or glanced over. There was no need for a distraction.

They hammered home the fact that these phones were faster than anything they had done prior. They cut bloat. They removed jank. They built them with the best materials available. They included tech that no other phone(s) before or after will have for some time. They won that day and then some. They may have won the year with a single presentation alone. After a horrendous 2014, Samsung needed to do something major for 2015. They did it. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are remarkable phones from top to bottom, edge to edge.

We have spent time with each over the past couple of weeks, trying to find something missing or deal breaking. If you want a spoiler alert as we dive into this, here it is – we didn’t find one.

This is our Samsung Galaxy S6 Review.

Edit:  Our Galaxy S6 Edge review is done too. (more…)

Verizon Galaxy S6 Pre-Orders are Now Shipping

While the rest of the US carriers who opened up pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge found a way to ship those early orders early, Verizon remained poised. They would not follow. They are a leader after all. A leader, people. Leaders don’t ship early unless they are first to ship. And since they also wouldn’t follow in the March 27 pre-order day that every other carrier adopted and instead chose to lead by doing their own April 1 day, there was no way they were following with early shipments. Leaders lead. Not follow.

So, the leader in later-than-other-carrier shipments is now shipping pre-orders. According to a handful of our readers, those pre-orders are expected to arrive on April 10, which is the global launch day for Samsung’s new flagships.  (more…)

Video: Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Over the “Regular” Galaxy S6

To me, the Galaxy S6 Edge represents a risk Samsung was willing to take when it comes to design. It’s something different. And even though it is different, it’s not completely unorthodox when I really think about it, and at times, is quite nice to have. I have been asked what viewing content is like on the rounded display, and to the shock of a few, I actually really enjoy it. While the Galaxy S6 Edge does not feature as much “usefulness” as say, the Note Edge does, it still offers a few things that regular Galaxy S6 owners don’t have access to.

In the video below, I go over the differences that make up the two, but be aware right now, it’s not all that much. Samsung does not include a ton of options or features for the rounded display, but of the few that are included, I could see them being somewhat beneficial at some point or another to someone out there.  (more…)