Samsung Intros Rewards Program for Samsung Pay, Earn Points Towards New Devices or Visa Prepaid Cards

Samsung Pay is introducing a rewards program for users this week, one that will have you racking up points for redemption towards new Samsung products, Visa prepaid cards, or even trips to Napa Valley or Las Vegas.

Samsung Rewards works like many other credit card rewards programs, but the added bonus is that it works for debit cards, too. Provided you use Samsung Pay to make a plentiful amount of purchases throughout the course of a month, you earn points on your Samsung account. There are varying loyalty tiers of point earning, such as double or even quadruple point earning, depending on how many purchases you make via Samsung Pay.  (more…)

DEAL: Start Your Smart Home With Samsung SmartThings Hub, Which is Just $50 Right Now ($50 Off)

Samsung’s SmartThings line of products has been a leader in smart home controls for years now. It works with just about every new platform that is created, including Google Home and Amazon Echo and Philips Hue and Ecobee thermostats and smart locks and smart wall outlets and cameras, to name a few categories. It’s probably the most widely adopted because it was introduced early enough that others have given it a chance to become a leader. But in order to control all of that stuff and begin your smart home setup, you need a hub to talk to everything. Today, Amazon is hosting a 50% off sale on the SmartThings Hub (2nd gen), which is the starting piece to this whole game. At just $49.99 ($50 off), you won’t find a better deal on SmartThings Hub.  (more…)

Samsung Acquires HARMAN to Get Serious About Connected Car Tech (Audio Too)

This morning, Samsung announced that it had acquired HARMAN to the tune of $8 billion. Samsung states that they will use the company’s relationships with automakers to further enter the connected auto sector. I’d imagine they’ll be happy to accept HARMAN’s large consumer audio division as well.

In the press release, Samsung calls HARMAN the “market leader in connected car solutions” and expects their expertise and relationships through the auto industry to be a major source of growth. Samsung is – obviously – well-versed in connected mobility, so this combination of a connected car with the rest of Samsung’s portfolio of products (like displays, semi-conductors, etc.) could make for a nice fit if indeed the car is the future.  (more…)

DEAL: US Unlocked Galaxy S7 is $120 Off, Includes Free $60 Fast Wireless Charger

Best Buy is currently hosting a really good deal on the US unlocked Galaxy S7 (and S7 Edge). These are the phones that Samsung pushed out shortly after launch with connectivity on all major carriers, including Verizon. The phones weren’t cheap, though, so I would imagine that many of held off from picking one up. But as of today, you may want to give them another look.

The unlocked Galaxy S7 in either black or gold has been slashed by $120, down to $549.99. If you want the S7 Edge, you will get a $100 discount down to $669.99. As an added bonus for the Galaxy S7, Best Buy is tossing in a free fast wireless charger, which they typically sell for $60. The free charger bonus does not appear to be a part of the S7 Edge discount.  (more…)