Video: HTC One (M8) vs. HTC One (M7)

You have seen the unboxing and tour of the new HTC One (M8), so it’s now time to talk about how it compares to last year’s model, the One (M7). HTC will hope that you believe it has reinvented something with the 2014 model, that the design is strikingly different, and that there are all sorts of new features to differentiate the two. After all, they need not only Galaxy and iPhone owners to buy the new One (M8), they need current One owners as well. If the comeback is to happen, HTC needs to win big with everyone.

So in this video, we take you on a tour of each from both hardware and software standpoints. Where are the real differences in the design? How much bigger is the new One versus the old One? What does Sense 6.0 look like when compared side-by-side with Sense 5.5? Are the cameras different? Specs different?

All of that is answered below.  (more…)

Newest Leak Suggests HTC M8 Looks “Strikingly” Like the One, Will Launch Late March

Over the weekend, plenty of new rumors dropped on the interwebs for the HTC M8, the successor of the HTC One. Leading the charge is evleaks, who posted two separate tweets surrounding the M8; one regarding its looks and another concerning the launch of the device. According to the tweets, the “M8 looks strikingly like the M7 (One),” and we should see a launch of the device in New York City around late March.  (more…)

Monster Launches Line of Android-powered Tablets, Priced at $150

Monster M7

Monster, well known for its former partnership with Beats By Dre headphones, looks to have entered the tablet game. What kind of shocks us is that these are not overpriced tablets, either. The M7, which features specs best kept in 2012, sports a price tag of just $150, while its big brother the M10, will come with a bit-heftier tag and better specs. Details on the M10 are still unavailable.  (more…)

Live From HTC’s One Event in NYC


We’re live at HTC’s big event in NYC where the world is expecting them to announce their new flagship smartphone, the One. Nothing is official at this time, but the device has appeared in a variety of press renders and early pictures leading up to this moment, so we at least sort of know what to expect in terms of looks. When it comes to the technology used inside to make this phone standout, we are still pretty clueless, and that’s exciting.

Stick with us as we report live from the event. Afterwards, we will likely have a chance to get our hands all over the device, so you may as well hang out all day.  (more…)

HTC Posts Picture of Hidden Device(s) Before Tomorrow’s Event, Could be Anything (Update)

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 4.18.45 PM

It’s no secret that HTC is having an event tomorrow to announce what we are pretty sure will be the HTC One. They haven’t been short on teasing their new device, whatever it is, and today on the eve of the event, HTC posted this picture to their Instagram account. Whatever could it be?

Upon examining the photo closer than it probably should be, one of those cloths seems to be covering up something larger than the other ones. While it’s most likely two phones under one cloth, could HTC pull a fast one and announce a tablet or something crazy tomorrow? More than likely that isn’t the case, given HTC’s recent stance on Android tablets.

Update: Well, this is scary. Ubuntu now has a countdown on their site that is tick tocking right up to HTC’s press event. Not only is it a countdown, but they say that it’s, “tablet time.” Could that be a freakin’ HTC Ubuntu tablet under that cloth? Lord help us.

We’ll be at the event tomorrow giving you updates as they happen.

Via: @HTCGlobal

Predictions for Tomorrow’s HTC One Event in NYC?

matching htc one

The day is almost upon us – HTC will unveil their next flagship smartphone, tomorrow, February 19 at a press event in New York City. We’ll be there, with a live blog for you to follow along, of course. Unless something wild goes down, we are expecting to see the HTC One (formerly M7), a device with a 4.7″ FHD display, 2GB RAM, 13MP (or Ultrapixel) rear camera, new version of HTC Sense, Jelly Bean, and a dual-speaker front piece to offer a unique sound experience. Like last year’s One X and One S event, this is going to be big.

Before we get to tomorrow morning, though, we’d love to hear predictions or final thoughts on HTC’s next big thing. Will it go to all four major carriers or will Verizon say “no” again? Will the Ultrapixel camera tech that has been rumored, end up impressing us all? How will this front speaker setup benefit anyone?

Let us know in the comments! Then join us back here at 10:00AM Eastern for the live blog.