Someone Got Their Hands on an HTC One Mini, Posts Up a Full Gallery

HTC One Mini

The One Mini from HTC has been popping up on the web here and there, but there is still nothing official from Taiwan in terms of release dates or anything of that nature. Until that starts happening, we will continue to have to settle for leaked galleries from Mr. Blurry Camera, but in all fairness these newest pictures aren’t even close to some of the bad ones we have seen in the past of previous devices.  (more…)

HTC M4 Spotted Alongside Massive Sony Togari Device

HTC m4 Sony

The above picture surfaced earlier today on Twitter, showing off some very interesting devices. Up first is the HTC M4 aka One Mini, a device that was leaked around the beginning of this month. This is the first time we are seeing it in person and the subtle differences between this phone and the larger One make it look like a very classy device. It has a white border around its edge, as well as having the smaller BoomSound grills.  (more…)

HTC M4 to be Facebook Home-less Device With Ultrapixel Camera


Back in early February, specs were leaked for an HTC device codenamed the M4. The M4 didn’t have any specs that jumped off the page, but now there is an apparent image floating around the web for the upcoming device. And what excellent timing and coincidence that the HTC First was debuted yesterday, with almost matching specs. A 4.3″ 720p display, Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, and not much else going on.  (more…)

Specs Leak For HTC M4 and G2 Devices, Probably Not Debuting Alongside the M7

htc logo

This morning, new information is coming to light on devices from HTC that isn’t associated with the M7. I know, it’s hard to believe. With the eve of announcement upon us, it’s hard not to focus on their next flagship device. To fill out the rest of the Q1-Q2 2013 lineup, specs for two rumored devices, codenamed the M4 and G2 (not the same HTC G2 that was released to T-Mo), have hit the web.  (more…)