Nexus 5X Hits FCC With All US Carrier Bands, Including Verizon

The LG Nexus 5X stopped off at the FCC today, which is a good sign since Google is preparing to unveil the phone publicly next Tuesday. We know that it’s the Nexus 5X because the model numbers mentioned throughout (LG-H790 and LG-H791) match up to the Amazon listing we saw earlier in the week. The phones also show support for all sorts of wireless bands, even Verizon, just like Nexus phones have for the past couple of years.  (more…)

Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P Show Up in Benchmarks to Further the Specs Conversation

The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P should arrive next week at a Google event. As of now, there are still some surprises, even though press renders have leaked and we told you the names. We still don’t know pricing, date of availability, or the full specs list of each, outside of the minimal list for the 5X that Amazon provided. Thanks to benchmarks that surfaced for each phone over at Geekbench, those last few surprises are starting to dwindle.  (more…)

Deal: $399 for a Brand New, Unlocked LG G4

The LG G4, a flagship phone from LG that isn’t even six months old, can be had today for $399 from eBay. That’s anywhere from $100-$150 discount off of its original full retail price.

This particle G4 is model H815, which is an unlocked international unit. It has all of the correct LTE and GSM bands to work on T-Mobile and AT&T, so if you are with either carrier and need a nice upgrade to a phone with an amazing camera, consider this deal. At this time, there are black, black leather, brown leather, red leather, and orange leather options available.

The phone ships for free.

eBay Link  (more…)

LG V10 “Ticker” Press Render Hits the Web, Proceeds to Confuse Us

LG is hosting an event on October 1, and thanks to @evleaks, we have a pretty good idea as to what the company will be showing off. Today, Evan released a press render of the V10 “Ticker” device, featuring its secondary display. Oddly enough, the second display appears to be on the top of the device, which should have potential buyers really working out those thumb muscles.  (more…)

Google’s New Phones Will be Called Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

The new phones from Google that will more than likely be announced at the end of this month, will be called the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, according to a reliable source. The name Nexus 5X has been in rotation around the internet for the past couple of weeks when referring to the name of the LG-made Nexus, but we now know that the Huawei model will be called the Nexus 6P.  (more…)