Google Keep Updated, Brings Searchable Images and Updated Interface

Google Keep, Mountain View’s proprietary note-taking application, received an update today on Android devices. The update brings a newly-polished user interface, much like we have been seeing on many other Google applications.

In addition to an updated look, users can now search text within images, allowing for an even better archivable/searchable database of notes and lists. List Settings have been added, which allows users to select where lists and notes are placed.  (more…)

Google Updates Keep App, Teams Up With Google Now to Introduce Location-based Reminders (Updated: Download Available)


Google is currently pushing out an update for Keep, which brings a new partnership between Google Now and the note-taking service. Starting with the new update, you can set a reminder (and location-based reminder) with your notes, which will then be pushed through Google Now to your device. For example, if you need to take out the trash on Thursday nights or have an important list of groceries, then you can set a reminder to make sure you don’t forget. What makes it interesting is that Google Now notices that you have walked into your grocery store, then reminds you of your list. If you aren’t ready to deal with the reminder when it goes off, you can simply “snooze” it until a later time.  (more…)

Notif Pro Adds “Note to Self…” Voice Search Action

notif pro

Notif, one of our favorite apps of the last year because of its simple yet powerful note taking abilities, that we’ve already written up a couple of times, received a new feature last night thanks to a recent update. In Google Voice Search, as you tell Google to begin a “note to self…,” Notif (pro version only) will show up as one of the options after you have spoken your note. Should you choose Notif, your spoken note will then appear as all Notifs do, in the notification bar until you swipe it away.  (more…)

Video: A Quick Look at Google Keep

google keep

Google Keep was announced and then released a couple of hours ago as Google’s take on a note taking app that can compete with the likes of Evernote and others. It has the same Holo style UI we’ve seen from many of their apps, is easy to navigate, and comes with an amazing little widget. We aren’t sure if it can overtake Evernote’s stranglehold on the note market, but it’s showing signs of being very promising after just a few minutes with it.  (more…)

Google Launches Google Keep, Cloud-Based Note Taking App With Holo Style

google keep

There are a plethora of note taking apps in Google Play as we speak, but today Google launched their own official app into the fray. Google Keep looks to merge the awesome usefulness of sticky notes with Google’s Holo style into an app that will help you organize your life. Add in pictures, checklists and even take notes by voice, you will definitely want to check out what Google is offering. (more…)