JRummy Releases ROM Installer to Google Play – Quick ROM Flashing, 1-Click Recovery Installs, and More

rom installer2

ROM and recovery flashers, a new tool from long-time site friend JRummy hit the Play store this weekend that you should consider checking out. It’s called ROM Installer, and it’s similar to the long-lost ROM Manager, but it has support and offers up the “most ROMs available in any app” along with 1-click recovery flashing of the latest recoveries.  (more…)

JRummy’s ROM Toolbox Updated, Re-written and Cloud Backups Added


Today, JRummy pushed out a major update to his über popular ROM Toolbox app, with a whole re-write and new features inside. He has added cloud backup storage through Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, allows for backups of contacts and messages, and an entire re-write of the task manager. It is essentially the go-to application for any rooted user.  (more…)

Win 1 of 10 JRummy Applications – DROID Overclock Or Root Tools *Updated with Winners!*

Jared Rummler aka JRummy16 is one of our favorite people here at Droid-Life. He has donated 5 copies of 2 applications for us to give away during our amazing Reader Apprecation Week for all of you to enjoy. Both applications are for rooted users only. Droid Overclock is an overclocking app, naturally, just like SetCPU. And with a beautiful interface it’s a must have for any rooted user who enjoys speed boosts. Root Tools is an extremely powerful application which installs custom fonts, boot animations, allows users to change build.prop, and seriously a whole mess of other features. Sound like fun?

And the winners are…   (more…)

Liberty ROM 2.0 Released for DROIDX and 2

JRummy and Kejar dropped Liberty ROM 2.0 on us this morning for those of you that have not upgraded to Gingerbread or are willing to flash an SBF back to 2.3.340.  This new version includes a revamped theme by @davekover, new wallpapers, a tad bit of Blur for stability issues, and a crazy new Toolbox.  The previous versions of Liberty were top notch, so you can bet this will be too.

In order to get it right now though, you’ll have to donate $5 by purchasing the Liberty Toolbox Pro which will then download version 2.0 automatically.  If you aren’t down to drop $5, then just wait a couple of days for it to go fully-public.    (more…)

DROID X ROM: Liberty by Kejar and JRummy

Two beasts in the DROID ROM community partnered up to release something new that I’ll be recommending for all Droid X and Droid 2 owners.  The ROM is called Liberty and it comes from Kejar31 and one of our all time favs, JRummy16.  The base for this beauty is Kejar’s GummyJar ROM and then has Rummy’s toolbox and tweaks written all over it.  You’ll find goodies like the old school rotary lockscreen, Gingerbread themed Swype, custom wallpapers, and seriously, so much more.  For fans of yellow, this is also a nice replacement for the Gingerbread green we’ve seen everywhere.   (more…)

JRummy Returns with DROID X ROM, Rumm RX V1.0

Our buddy, original Droid ROM master, and Droid Life wallpaper app developer JRummy, has returned with his first ROM for the Droid X called Rumm RX.  It’s a almost Blur-less ROM, but has a few of the essentials left which seems to give it a good overall feel.  He’s tweaked some things like the battery meter, added a bunch of scripts, tossed in some source built apps, and of course used the now popular “fancy” animations that you’ll notice when switching between any screen.  This is good stuff.

It’s built off of the 2.2.1 leak so you’ll have to be running that in order to flash this.  And I’m sure there will be a variety of themes on the way if their aren’t already.   (more…)

JRummy Releases Droid X/2 Overclock App, 1.45GHz Speeds and Voltage Settings

JRummy, one of our favorite ROM developers of all time released his Droid X and 2 overclock app this morning and it doesn’t disappoint.  We told you about the Unstable Apps release earlier, but this is another option that I highly recommend.  The UI is as pretty as his ROMs, you can clock your device up to 1.45GHz, change the voltage and even set them on boot.  Oh, he even tossed in some goodies like an ad blocker and apps to SD support.  How can you beat that?   (more…)