Wednesday Poll: Favorite Announcement From Google I/O Day 1?

google io 2013

Google I/O day 1 has essentially come to a close now that the 3-hour long keynote has been completed. Developers are off in small sessions learning ways to make better apps, and the media is trying to wrap their brains around everything that went down. But we aren’t the important ones – we want to know what you thought of this morning’s festivities.

Was there something in particular that stood out? Were you disappointed that no new hardware was announced (Nexus 7) and Android 4.3 was missing? Or were the new Music apps and services, Google Now update, and Galaxy S4 “Nexus experience” edition enough to please you?

Favorite Announcement From Google I/O Day 1?

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You’ll Soon be Able to Send Money to People Through Gmail

Have you ever thought about sending money to someone through a Gmail message? Even if you haven’t, you’ll soon be able to. Shortly after the Google I/O keynote today, the Gmail team announced Google Wallet integration into Gmail messages. In the coming months, as they rollout the service, you’ll be able to send cash to someone in an email thanks to Google Wallet.  (more…)

Hangouts for Android and Chrome is Live!

google hangouts

Google Hangouts, the new unified and cross-platform messaging service announced by Google at I/O, is now live on all platforms. For most of us, we care about Chrome and Android, but if you are an iOS user, you can find it in the App Store as well. Go grab it!

To install to your phone, you’ll need to install through the web Play store for the time being. This replaces Google Talk. Screenshots after the break!  (more…)

Google Maps for Mobile Gets Reworked, Coming to Android and iOS “This Summer”


Google tipped us off early this morning, aside from the leaks we saw previously, that Google Maps might be getting some love at this year’s I/O.  A preview build of the new Maps was shown on iOS and Android. It featured a new slimmed down look with a search bar that took you into a revamped reviews section that has a 5 star scale instead of the previous 4. Google Offers was also worked into this same space to make finding food and deals easy.  (more…)

Google Announces Hangouts, Their New Cross-platform Messaging Service

google hangouts

During today’s Google I/O keynote, Google and Vic Gundotra announced Hangouts, their new messaging service (previously codenamed Babel). It works across platforms, meaning it works on Chrome, Android, and iOS. It also utilizes cross-device notifications, which allows you to check one device and have the notifications on others clear away. This is the unified chat that has been rumored for weeks now.

The service should go live some time today.

Update:  Hangouts in live in Google Play!   (more…)